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Athletic Spirit Shops & Passes

It's a beautiful thing to sit in the stands at a Holland Christian sporting event and watch a river of maroon and white milling throughout the stands or field, a tangible sign of our blessed community.

Or run into someone sporting an HC shirt in the grocery store, in line at the bank, and have an instant connection, even if we had never officially met before.

So we’re please to offer both an online athletic spirit store where you can order Maroons spirit wear, besides the brick and mortar Maroon & White Shop located at Holland Christian High School.

HC Maroons Apparel

Seasonal Online Stores: Spring Spirit Stores Open Through March 20

Each athletic season Holland Christian offers an online team shop where individuals can select specific items with specific sport embellishments to order individually. The Spring Sports store is open through March 20 so orders can be shipped to home by the end of Spring Break! You can also purchase HC gear year round through the online Sideline Store, or at the physical Maroon & White Shop, which frequently orders gear sells it at HCHS football and basketball games, as well as at the Maroon & White shop in the HCHS front cafe when advertised (see tab below).

Sideline Store

The Sideline Store is open 365 days a year. The cost for items is higher than our online stores that are only open seasonally, but items are available for purchase any time. If you’re having trouble loading the store, please try a different web browser like Google Chrome, or try using a different device.

Sideline Store

Purchase Middle School Team Warmup Shirt Through March 23

Each year, middle school athletics has a “Team Warmup Shirt” that athletes may purchase. It is a one-time purchase for all sports during the year and is generally used as a warmup shirt for each of our middle school teams. At the beginning of each of the four sports seasons, athletes have a chance to order the team shirt, typically announced through the HCMS daily announcements.

Buy MS Warmup Shirt

Maroon & White Shop

The Maroon & White shop is a physical shop run by HCHS Unified students and staff, with all proceeds directly supporting our Special Olympics Unified Sports Program. Currently, the shop is open every Thursday and Friday from 9 am-2 pm during regular school days in the front of HCHS, in The Well coffee shop area. However, their hours change periodically, so keep up to date on their Instagram site @maroonandwhiteshop, also available at the link below.

Maroon & White Shop updates

Athletic Tickets & Passes

The Holland Christian community has several options to follow schedules and purchase tickets and season passes for home events.

All middle school and high school schedules are available through our (new!) scheduling platform, Eventlink. Individuals can select and follow as many calendars (both practice and game) as they choose to have instant access to event times and locations for all Holland Christian teams. Families with multiple children on multiple teams can follow all schedules in one place at your fingertips! Individuals can use at least 1 of the following ways to get connected:

  • Eventlink Community Account: Set up a free account at
  • Eventlink App: Download the free Evenlink app to your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Maroons Athletics Scheduling, Ticketing & Passes Website: Team schedules, event tickets and season passes are all available at

Purchased tickets and passes can be stored on the account and app for quick access. Tickets/passes will be scanned by athletic staff at gated events. Please note that individual event tickets are also available with cash at the gate. 

Whether purchased at the gate, or online through Eventlink, individual high school tickets are $5 for kindergarten through adult (under K are free) per the OK-Blue Conference. Individual middle school tickets are $3 for adults, $2 for students (under K are free) and $10 for an immediate household per the MKO Conference. (The immediate household of a Holland Christian middle school athlete will be issued a pass for home middle school events for the team the student participates on.)

Individual and family passes are available to reduce costs for attendance at our high school gated events. All seasons sports passes are good for all home events during the school year and limited season sports passes are good for all home events in a particular season (fall, winter or spring). Golden-Ager sports passes are good for home events, away events, and good for life! Tickets for MHSAA tournaments are sold separately through the GoFan digital ticketing platform.

Sports with a Gate Fee (that can be purchased at the gate with cash, or online at Eventlink)

  • Fall: Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Swimming & Diving and Girls Volleyball
  • Winter: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball and Boys Swimming & Diving
  • Spring: Boys & Girls Track, Boys Lacrosse and Girls Soccer

Individual Event Tickets and Season Passes - Available Digitally through Eventlink!

Both individual event tickets and season passes can be purchased through the following link:

Individual game tickets can still be purchased with cash at gated events. However, digital tickets are also now available for all gated events through Holland Christian’s online digital ticketing platform, Eventlink. Digital tickets for high school events are $4.15 + $.85 fee = $5 total ticket cost and will be scanned at the event entrance. Digital tickets are not available at this time for Middle School events.

The following passes are available for the 2022-23 school year.  Passes can be printed or stored digitally to be scanned at the event entrance.  (The specific link for passes is:

  • Individual K-12 Student All Seasons Sports Pass: $50 (+fee)
  • Individual Adult All Seasons Sports Pass: $75 (+fee)
  • Family (Immediate Household) All Seasons Sports Pass: $250 (+fee)
  • Individual (Any Age) Single Season Sports Pass: $30 (+fee)
  • Family (Immediate Household) Single Season Sports Pass: $120 (+fee)

Golden Ager Sports Passes - The best value to stay connected through sports!

  • Golden-Ager Passes are available for individuals age 60+ for $125.00.  They are good for life, valid at home athletic events, and accepted at away events too!  There is no need to purchase digital tickets for regular season events with this pass.  Pass holders will show their pass to gate personnel for entry.  Golden-Ager Passes are available through the High School office during business hours.  These passes make excellent gifts for grandparents!

Questions about our Athletics Program?

For further information on our Holland Christian Highs School athletic programs, please contact our athletic director, Dave Engbers, at

Contact HCS Athletic Directors