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CHAMPS Coupon Books are again offering a digital option for all the same great coupons, and are again always with you on your mobile device! Similar to the paper coupon books, the digital option includes an account that can be shared with each coupon allowed to have one validation. Both paper coupons and digital coupons are selling independently for $30.    

To purchase the digital CHAMPS Coupons, visit then click on “Purchase ’23 CHAMPS” at the top of your screen. (Once you access the site and purchase the digital coupons, you can add an “app” icon that links directly to the digital coupons on your home screen of your mobile device by clicking the box with the arrow. 

The restaurant, special value, playtime and golf discounts in the Holland/Zeeland area pay for themselves after only a few uses. CHAMPS coupons have been a staple fundraiser for over 50 years supporting athletes at both Zeeland Christian and Holland Christian Schools, purchasing sports equipment and improving athletic facilities.

If you prefer the paper coupon books, they are available at each school building and several area businesses–including Russ’ locations, Quality Carwash locations, Ditto, Southside Inn and Trestle Stop–and through TRIP at both ZCS and HCS for $30 by cash or check. 

CHAMPS Coupons help you save money and support both local businesses and student-athletes all at the same time!