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Holland Christian will regularly update the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and the number of staff or students who are in quarantine after being in close contact with a household member who is confirmed positive.

Students who are currently in face-to-face instruction, who need to be isolated or quarantined, will continue to receive instruction remotely through their classroom teacher(s).

If you are contacted by the Health Department regarding a quarantine due to an exposure outside of school we ask that you please contact us at or 616.820.2805 so that we can continue to monitor our data closely.

COVID19 Prevention Strategy Form

COVID-19 Dashboard

No changes as of September 19, 2022

The Quarantine column refers to confirmed close household contacts with positive COVID-19 cases only. The current column refers to someone who is COVID-19 positive and is in quarantine at home.

Transparency, to the degree possible under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, is important as we manage this public health crisis. As a district, we will not release the names of students or staff members or details about classroom or grade level. It is our hope that this information is helpful to you as we manage through COVID-19 and the school year.

Student Data


Building Confirmed Positive In Quarantine
but not positive
Current Cumulative
High School 0 100 0
Middle School 3 35 0
Pine Ridge 0 19 0
South Side 0 31 0
Rose Park 0 76 0
Forest School 0 18 0
Total 4 279 0

Staff Data


Building Confirmed Positive In Quarantine
Current Cumulative
High School 0 29 0
Middle School 0 9 0
Pine Ridge 0 5 0
South Side 1 11 0
Rose Park 0 22 0
Forest School 0 5 0
Total 2 81 0

Isolation & Quarantine Policies

On February 25, 2022, CDC released a new framework to monitor the level of COVID-19 in communities that includes hospitalizations, hospital capacity, and cases. Allegan and Ottawa county have updated their guidance to align with the CDC’s Isolation & Quarantine Guidelines. You can read more on the Allegan County Memorandum and the Ottawa County Release.

If your child tests positive COVID-19

If your child tests positive or is exposed to COVID-19, please contact us at We can answer any questions that you may have as well as record information for COVID-19 school responsibility of record keeping.

Students who test positive for COVID-19 and/or other reportable infectious diseases should continue to be excluded from school under the Michigan Public Health Code and existing administrative rules in accordance with current CDC guidance. (See Michigan Public Health Code R325.175, Administrative Rules for Communicable Diseases)

Have Questions?

We are here to help! Contact us at 616.820.2805 or with any questions.

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