Abi Rodriguez smiling at the camera.

Abigail Rodriguez

Spanish Immersion ESS Assistant

What a privilege it is to introduce myself as a Spanish Immersion ESS teacher assistant. My name is Abi Rodriguez, a Holland native whose heart is deeply rooted in the Latino community. As a daughter of migrant parents I grew up in both Michigan and Texas. Living a multicultural lifestyle by moving back and forth every year until I was in high school; this granted me the knowledge to appreciate both my Latino background and my non-diverse community, and how my identity was important in both.

My husband, Ruben, and I, along with our three daughters Blair, Lorelai, and Guinevere live our lives as bridge builders. We believe that building bridges to fill the gaps between communities is an important task God has set for our family. We are kingdom focused and believe in unity. It is an honor to teach in the same program that my own children are a part of.

The Spanish Immersion program at Rose Park is dedicated to not only providing an all-Spanish learning experience but also a cultural one. One that helps children have a deeper understanding of a community outside of their own, paving the way for mini bridge builders; and I have the privilege of being the introduction to such a wonderful way of learning. I am deeply committed to providing your family with a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a successful lifetime of learning, in both Spanish and cultural experiences.