Brian Lemmen

Brian Lemmen smiling at the camera

Brian Lemmen

Math Teacher

Where to begin and what to include in a biography are eternal problems. I could start with my mother’s version of a breech delivery but that would make this too long and painful. So I’ll begin with telling you about my education. In 1979, I graduated from HC. I then attended Calvin, where I earned a BA in math. Upon graduation in 1983, it was off to sunny Southern California and Valley Christian High School until 1992.

While in California, I received my MA in math from California State University, Fullerton. I have been teaching at HC since 1992. My wife, Jane, and I have two children. We attend Calvary CRC. Jane works for Young Life.

Christian education is an important part of my life. Being able to talk about God openly is important to me. Learning math, I believe, helps us to understand our God better.