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Dear Forest Families,

An effective teacher works tirelessly to create a little family of the children placed in his/her care. I’m so grateful to celebrate with you that all of our classes in the Forest have become similar to family units. Children are known, they are loved, they are hope-filled, they are held accountable, they are celebrated, they keep us awake in thought and prayer and, I’ll say it again, they are loved. Beloved. Our children are beloved by God and placed in our arms to give them the best we are able. Be it as parents or teachers, we love them with the best we have. It’s time for teachers to come away and rest a while. We know our children will carry so many mixed emotions going into summertime because they recognize this love is REAL! I’ve recently learned to use the phrase “I will remember when Mrs…..” rather than “I will miss Mrs…..”. Using words like these helps a child name their feelings and emotions, share in the warm memories but do not frame the transition as a loss. Your child’s love leaves permanent fingerprints on our hearts and have helped to shape our faith journey. There is not loss in this transition. There is celebration, memories and LOVE!

I pray a safe, healthy and fun-filled summer full of more warm memories to appreciate together.

All joy and thanksgiving,



Class Lists and Staffing Details

We are waiting for enrollment numbers to be finalized in order to confirm section numbers and teachers at each grade level. As soon as I am able, I will share teacher’s names with you in all of our kindergarten through fifth grade classes. Our expectation is to publish class lists for you early in July. Thank you for your patience and trust in this important process.

Enrollment/Medical Paperwork 23-24

All students entering preschool, kindergarten, and new transfers have a variety of paperwork that needs to be filled out and turned in by August 4, 2023.

Please be sure your child entering these grades is up to date on all immunizations, and if you are pursuing an immunization waiver through your county health department, please call them for an appointment ASAP as appointments fill up quickly, and it needs to be done before attending the first day of school.

Waiver Information:

If your child with a waiver is returning to Holland Christian for the 23-24 school year and moving from:

  • 3s preschool to 4s preschool: Current waiver on file is good unless you have chosen to complete a vaccine series during the year that was waived on the waiver.
  • 3s/4s preschool to Young 5s: New waiver needed; schedule an appointment.
  • 4s preschool to kindergarten: New waiver needed; schedule an appointment.
  • Young 5s to kindergarten: Current waiver on file is good unless you have chosen to complete a vaccine series during the year that was waived on the waiver.
  • If your child is a new student coming to HC from a different school district, your old waiver is invalid and you will need to schedule an appointment.

Contact the Pine Ridge school office if you have any questions 616.820.3505.

Forest School Mentor Parents for 23-24

Our goal and prayer is that every child and every family at Holland Christian would be known, nurtured and inspired. To that end, we are seeking warm and welcoming individuals or families who might be willing to serve as a mentor in their Forest Classroom for the 23-24 school year. Please see the list of needs that this role might encompass but is not limited to!

  • Host two play dates at a park, beach, or other location of your choice for one hour.
  • Pass along emails to the families in your class notifying clearance sales, books, special events that might interest Forest Families.
  • Attend the New Family Picnic in August
  • Attend Forest special events such as the Forest Family Night Hike
  • Willingness to share contact information with classroom families to receive questions, concerns, wonderings and feedback.
  • Connect with Miska as needs from families arise

If you’re interested in serving your child’s classroom community in this manner in the 23-24 school year, please email Miska at

Upcoming Events

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  • 2: 1/2 day: Last day of school
  • 2: Report cards available on Powerschool


  • 22: First day of school!
  • 28: Parent Information Night 7pm
  • 30: All School Convocation