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Our Forest Family was overjoyed and honored to welcome Mrs. Ginny Yurich from 1000 Hours Outside, and her family, to our 1000 Hours Outside celebration. Ginny spoke words of encouragement to our children for a few moments during our time together. I’d like to share some of her wisdom and the beauty she sees happening in our Forest: Our children (and we) can readily recite our five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. But Mrs. Ginny shared there are two more important senses that are often forgotten: our Vestibular System and Proprioception. She shared with our children that our vestibular system helps us keep our balance and keeps us upright. Proprioception helps us orient ourselves in space and in relation to others and objects around us. Young children are still developing their sense of balance and sense of place and orientation which is why they can appear to be clumsy at times. Ginny was delighted to see our Forest Kids’ days FILLED with opportunities to grow and engage with all SEVEN senses! When your child rolls a log to look underneath, pulls on a tree branch, hangs upside down, rolls themselves down a hill, they are engaging and developing all seven senses in their play. God designed our children to explore, to wander, to play, to grow and to take up both big and small spaces with their bodies. With newly enthused eyes, I find deep joy in watching your children GROW and develop in a manner I believe God intended for them.

Friends, thank you for the belief in the Forest School vision and supporting our partnership!

Yours in Christ’s service,


Thank you for visiting and encouraging us, Mrs. Ginny! We’re so grateful for your friendship and partnership!


Maroon & White Pop-Up Shop

Looking for the perfect HC gear for Christmas? Come shop the Maroon & White Shop right here at Pine Ridge on December 8! The shop will be open from 2-4:30pm.

Christmas Spirit Week

To get into the spirit of Christmas, we are going to have some fun, themed days our last week of school before Christmas Break, December 12-16. Here’s what we (along with South Side) have planned:

  • 12/12   Monday: Christmas Socks
  • 12/13   Tuesday: Christmas Sweater
  • 12/14   Wednesday: Red/Green Day
  • 12/15   Thursday: Christmas Headgear (antlers, hats)
  • 12/16   Friday: Christmas PJs

Discovery Night!

Do you or any of your friends or extended family have a prospective preschooler or kindergartener? Are you looking into options for the 2023-2024 school year? We’ll be having our Discovery Nights on January 10 and 12 from 6-7pm, and we’d love to have you explore South Side and Rose Park’s preschool and kindergarten programs! Since we prepare individually for each family visiting this Discovery Night, a RSVP for the Discovery Night is required.

If you are unable to make it to Discovery Night, you are still welcome to visit Holland Christian Schools in person and see things in action for yourself. Feel free to schedule a campus tour through our Admissions Department at or 616.820.2806. You can begin by filling out our Inquiry Form. Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year begins on February 1, 2023.

Hot Lunch

December Hot Lunch Menu

Little Maroons Basketball

Little Maroons is a Holland Christian winter basketball opportunity for kindergarten-6th graders to develop in both skill and game play. Grades 5-6 have three clinics before Christmas to prepare for their local 5-6 league run through City of Holland Recreation. Register through Active for the Holland Christian sessions and clinics.

Upcoming Events

View the full Holland Christian Calendar


  • 19-Jan 3: Christmas break


  • 10&12: Discovery Nights at South Side and Rose Park
  • 9-20: MAP & Delta Testing
  • 13: End of 2nd Quarter
  • 16: No School MLK Day
  • 20: Report cards available online