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Happy  New Year! We are excited to be turning the pages of the calendar to 2022 and start to dive into some great new learning and growing here at Pine Ridge. Over the break, I was reminded of the story of Peter and his very first encounter with Jesus. Jesus was asking him to take his boat out ONE MORE TIME after a long and fish-less night. He asked Peter to trust him in this one decision and it forever changed Peter’s life. During the quiet moments between the food, presents and laughter of children on sugar highs I thought about this…. Who of us, would take a moment out of the busyness of our lives to do something we had tried countless times before with little success. Who of us would trust a stranger to guide us back out onto a “water” of uncertainty.

As I meditated on this story and on my own experiences with trust and faith, I was pushed within myself to start this new year with a renewed trust. I was reminded that it is not by MY might that I do these things but HIS. I put my trust and faith in a God who, “…is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…” Eph. 3:20. My prayer for you this year; that the Lord of the universe would speak to you in the quiet moments. That he would guide you to trust and follow more closely than you have ever before. That you would feel his presence in your moments of hardship and heartbreak. May you trust as Peter did and see how our lives can continue to be changed and transformed for HIS glory.

In partnership and prayer with you,

Mrs. Dinah Pereira



Wacky Wednesdays are back! The Parent Board is sponsoring Wacky Wednesdays during the month of January. How crazy can you be!?!

  • January 12: Hat Day
  • January 19: Sports Day
  • January 26: Crazy Hair Day
  • February 2: Pajama Day

The winning class for each week (highest % participation) will win a voucher for a hot chocolate party.


Thank you, thank you for your generosity!!! What a wonderful offering we had to give Positive Options. We collected over 2100 baby items!  The mound of baby items was incredible to see.  What joy to be able to give such a generous gift for such precious lives. The students loved the competition; 3rd and 4th grade battled closely for first place. Congratulations to the champions: the 3rd grade classes!

Mrs. Pereira made a fun Positive Options slideshow to show our progress as we collected! We also have a video of ALL of the stuff being placed in the gym on our last day; watch and feel the excitement of the students!


Thank you to those who continue to use Graafschap Road to both enter and exit during these busy times. We are required to leave the bus lane open for only buses between 7:45-8:30 am, and 2:45-3:45 pm every weekday. We appreciate your help in making this a safe experience for students and families.


We have loved having parents back into the building this year! Have YOU been wanting to help out??? COME ON IN!!!!!! Come help us with:

  • Lunch recess daily 12:00-12:30
  • Library check out
  • Listening to students read
  • Helping to  check out/in classroom take home books

Please note: All volunteers will need to complete a background check through our HR Department, which will be set up for you prior to helping at school. You can get a copy of the form by emailing Cara and Kristi.


If your child will not be present at school for illness or vacation, even if you’ve told the teacher, please remember to let our office know  by phone 616.820.3505 or by emailing Cara and Kristi.


As we continue to move through cold and flu season, please remember if your child has any of the following symptoms, please keep them home:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever (over 100.3)
  • Fatigue and chills
  • Loss of taste and/or smell

Your child needs to be free of these symptoms for at least 24 hours before returning back to school. For fevers, your child must be fever free without the use of fever reducing medicine for 24 hours.



View the full Holland Christian calendar.


3: Classes resume
10-21: MAP and Delta Testing Window
12: Wacky Wednesday: Hat Day
14: End of 2nd quarter
17: No school: MLK Day
19: Wacky Wednesday: Sports Day
21: Report cards available online
26: Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day


2: Wacky Wednesday: Pajama Day
21: No school: President’s Day/Staff PD Day