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Dear Rose Park Families,

Children are among our dearest blessings from God in this life. Raising our dear little ones to know and love God as well as to celebrate who they are as God’s unique child is a high calling for parents. We are grateful to be entrusted as a school to partner with you in this journey. One of the challenges we face together is helping our children navigate hardships in the world and in their personal lives in child appropriate ways. The invasion in Ukraine is bringing stories of struggle to the ears and hearts of our children. To live in a broken world is to ask the question “why?” The human condition brings an acute awareness of hardship from time to time. As a faithful follower of Christ, we are blessed to be able to respond with our faith and with patience, with gentleness and with prayer. If you find your child asking hard questions or expressing their unrest through behaviors or anxieties, we can respond to them by normalizing their wonders, fears and frustrations. It’s ok to feel nervous. It’s ok to feel angry. And at the same time it’s ok to celebrate joys in our lives. It’s ok to laugh even with hardship happening in our broken world. The Psalmist offers us warm words of comfort in Psalm 27, verse 12: “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” And so it’s ok and good to bask in the warmth of the light of the Lord. Our children can take shelter in God’s strength. We continually lead our children in prayers for peace in our hurting world. And we can take them by the hand and confidently walk in the faith we hold in our good, good Father. Thank you for allowing us to walk beside your family in this journey.

Yours in Christ’s service,





Spring Program 

All Holland Christian preschool-5th grade students will be joining together for a night of praise and worship. Join us Thursday evening, April 21 at Central Wesleyan church at 7 pm.

Grandparents Day

Friday, April 22, Rose Park grandparents will be invited into their grandchild’s classroom from 1-2 pm.


Pick-Up Procedures

Thank you, parents and big siblings, for careful driving and mindfulness for the WHOLE community rather than the quick convenience for oneself when moving through drop off and pick up. Our children are safely dropped off and returned to you every day because of everyone’s willingness to work for the sake of the whole rather than putting convenience of oneself. I’ll offer a quick review because we do have older siblings getting brand new drivers licenses, and others brand new to carpool pick up. We also have a few families whose patterns are changing and I hope the reminder is helpful.

The entrance off James Street is for buses only please at the start and close of the day. Even though it might quicken your own personal pick up or drop off, it’s tough for buses to get in and out quickly and safely if cars are also coming and going from James Street entrance as well. Our bus drivers are agreeable to save the Butternut Drive entrance just for you, our car drivers. We ask that our cars not use the James Street entrance only during drop off and pick up hours (8:00-8:20 am and 2:50-3:20 pm) but come and go using the Butternut Drive entrance. Thank you.

The circle drive on the south side of the building is reserved for buses only please. The circle drive to the north side is for cars to pick up and drop off children. This policy can feel like a hard one to adhere to. It is SO tempting to just zip in privately in the open drive to pick up your child and zip right back out. That is obviously so much quicker to bypass the crowd. But, please bear in mind, we have 300 children being dismissed into more than 100 cars. We simply can’t manage cars coming and going through both circles. Our poor buses would never stand a chance of moving in or out. Ultimately, our children would not be safe. I understand sitting in the carpool lane takes longer. I’ve been there myself as a parent. We do appreciate your mindfulness for the whole community and resisting the temptation to allow special privileges for yourself or teaching your child the community expectations don’t apply to him/her. We promise to move our children back into your car as quickly as possible so you can hear all about their adventure while at Rose Park!

Thank you for caring for every one of our children!



Are you getting the most help you can for paying your tuition? The TRIP program is designed to help you pay tuition without extra cost to you. Have you checked it out lately? There are so many instant and electronic opportunities now available that make it easier, more convenient, and comfortable to use! Take a quick look at it and see how easy it’s become. Give it a try and see if it doesn’t lighten your financial load. We love to help you make it work for your family. Learn more about on the TRIP page.


Tulip Time Choices

If you have yet to choose if your child will be in the Dutch Heritage or the Gardener section of the parade, please do so today with this Parade Section Form More details about logistics, costumes, and timing will be coming soon. Don’t hesitate to email Miska with questions or wonderings at



Hot Lunch

View the March Hot Lunch Menu. Lunch will be free as well with all the favorite options as before! To see all food service options for all our schools see the back to school food service options flyer.


Boys Lacrosse Club

Holland Christian offers boys lacrosse as a spring club sport opportunity for students currently in grades 3-8. There is a 3rd/4th team, a 5th/6th team and a 7th/8th team that compete from the end of March to the end of May. Register today through our “Active” registration, which is the same registration link as HC summer camps. If you have any questions, please email Micah Kool at


Girls Running Club

3rd-5th grade girls running club will begin in a few weeks! Girls will train March 15 until May 5. The culminating event to celebrate their hard work and training will be to run the Tulip Time 5K on May 7! Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:15–4:30 pm. For more information contact Sarah Dangler at 616.403.8761 or


TTQ 3RD-5TH Boys Running Club

We are in need of some running coaches!! Coaches can be men or women. We are looking for a positive attitude and a passion for helping kids reach their full potential. Coaches do not need to be an experienced runners–just be willing to move/walk/run with your team. High school juniors/seniors can be assistant coaches too! We need at least 2 coaches per 5-15 boys on a team. We provide all the training and supplies needed to make this season great. Our teams practice 2 times per week–but even if you can coach for only 1 day a week, that is great!!

This is a fun, powerful and inspirational way to get to know the boys that your son goes to school with—and to get to see your son in a different way too!! I can promise you that being a TTQ coach is an experience you will NEVER forget! If you are interested or have questions, or know someone who may be interested, please let our Rose Park office know! Looking forward to a great spring!



Here  is more information regarding the 3rd-5th grade boys running club.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up March 28 & 30, from 4-8 pm each day. You will receive an email with instructions on how to register for conferences in a few weeks.



View the full Holland Christian calendar




  • 5: Kid Stuff Resale
  • 18: End of 3rd quarter
  • 25: Report cards available
  • 28: Parent-teacher conferences
  • 30: Parent-teacher conferences




  • 1-10: Spring break
  • 21: Grandparents Day and Spring Program at Central Wesleyan Church at 7 pm




  • 11-12: 1/2 days for Tulip Time
  • 30: No school for Memorial Day




  • 3: Last day of school, 1/2 day