Athletic Staff

Our Holland Christian athletic staff are mentors as much as coaches, fellow Christ-followers who love both the students and the sports they coach.

We are grateful for this crew of good people who thrive on teaching and improving athletic skills, but also, and more importantly, in forming Christian disciples through the structure of sports and life on a team. They teach our students how to do Christian life together, as well as how to work hard, be disciplined, and remain encouraging both on and off the fields and courts.

Coach Contact Information

HCS Athletic Staff

Athletic Director Dave Engbers
Assistant HS AD Brad Jansen
Athletic Secretary Jennifer Bieri
Assistant MS AD (Facilities & Equip.) Joel Leegwater
Assistant MS AD (Events & Eligibility) Katelyn Roskamp
MS Athletic Secretary Kelli Kruithof
Athletic Trainer Karianne Reger


Varsity Head Coach Todd Smeenge
Diving Coach Areal Tolsma
MS Head Coach Katie Hulst
Varsity Head Coach Lisa Myrick
Diving Coach Diane Riemersma
MS Head Coach Lisa Klamer


Head Varsity Coach Scott Mokma
JV Head Coach Ty VanWieren
9th Head Coach Noah Arendsen
8th Holland Rec. Coach Bill Stewart
7th Holland Rec. Coach Jeff Leeuw


Varsity Head Coach Brad Jansen
JV Head Coach Jeff Keen
9th Head Coach Emily VanVliet
8th Maroon Head Coach Dave DeBlecourt
8th Gray Head Coach Joel Leegwater
7th Maroon Head Coach Tim Haig
7th Gray Head Coach David DeBoer
Varsity Head Coach Levi Painter
JV Head Coach Dan Ebels
9th Head Coach Kyle Phelps
8th Maroon Head Coach Joel Leegwater
8th Gray Head Coach Dave DeBoer
7th Maroon Head Coach Jen Phelps
7th Gray Head Coach Lissa Gilmore

Cross Country

Varsity Head Coach Dave DeKruyter
Middle School Head Coach Michael Mulder


Varsity Head Coach Chris Kuipers
JV Head Coach Micah Kool
9th Head Coach Caleb Brink
Middle School Head Coach Grant Arnoldink


Varsity Head Coach Caleb Nykamp
JV Head Coach Paul Klokkert
Varsity Head Coach Megan Radaz
JV Head Coach Billy Meyering


Varsity Head Coach Micah Kool
JV Head Coach Nick Genzink
7th/8th Club Head Coach Hayden Bakker


Varsity Head Coach David DeBoer
JV Head Coach Mike Johns
9th Head Coach Zach Kammeraad
8th Head Coach Bryce Schreur
7th Head Coach Lito Wagenveld
Varsity Head Coach Elliot Slenk
JV Head Coach David DeBoer
7/8 Head Coach Emily VanVliet


Varsity Head Coach Laura Hunderman
JV Head Coach Dave Arendsen
7/8 Holland Rec. Coach Kevin Wisdom


Varsity Head Coach Steve Gorno
JV Head Coach Christian Breuker
MS Maroon Head Coach Tim Haig
MS Gray Head Coach Steve Gorno
Varsity Head Coach Lynn Bender
JV Head Coach Lissa Gilmore
MS Maroon Head Coach Tim Haig
MS Gray Head Coach Lynn Bender

Track & Field

Varsity Boys Head Coach Mike Verkaik
Varsity Girls Head Coach Megan Lambers
Middle School Head Coach Michael Mulder


Varsity Head Coach Gerrit VanKlaveren
JV Head Coach Kylie Leeuw
9th Head Coach Morgynn Vallieres
8th Maroon Head Coach Sadie Wierda
8th Gray Head Coach Amber Ebels
7th Maroon Head Coach Taylor Stygstra
7th Gray Head Coach Krista Strom

Questions about our Athletics Program?

For further information on our Holland Christian Highs School athletic programs, please contact our athletic director, Dave Engbers, at

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