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Who Are We?

We are a vibrant, multi-campus community united by a common mission to equip minds and nurture hearts to transform the world for Jesus Christ.

As you learn more about our school, visit campuses, and meet the people of the community, you will see that our mission is not just a collection of meaningless words, but a rallying cry that guides every decision we make, and every student and class we teach.

HC Stories

Holland Christian is more than just a building, it’s a community made up of many people, each with a different background and story of how they came to be here. One of the best ways to get to know us as a school is to hear the stories of the families that make up that community.

HC Stories

Our Mission & Beliefs

Our mission here at Holland Christian Schools is to equip our students’ minds and nurture their hearts in such a holy way as to prepare those minds and hearts to transform our world for Jesus Christ. It is not something we take lightly or flippantly, but gives us joyful meaning and glad purpose each day we’re here. It unites us as well, so that what happens in 2nd grade is important to us later in middle school, so that the quality work done by our preschool teacher aides and school janitors is as important as the work accomplished by Bible teachers and administrators.

Our Mission & Beliefs
2 boys reading the Bible and answering questions on a worksheet together

Our People

At Holland Christian, you will meet teachers, administrators, and staff who are passionate about Christian education as a partnership between school, church, and family. Our faculty and staff dedicate themselves to continuous improvement so that students are prepared to follow the educational and career paths of their choosing. They relish the opportunity to forge mentoring relationships with young people that will echo for years to come. Our school leaders ensure that the core values which gave birth to Holland Christian Schools over 100 years ago continue to guide our path in the complex world of the 21st Century.

Meet Our People
Preschool teacher in the greenhouse pointing out the vegetables while holding a red Clifford stuffed dog

Our Alumni

Holland Christian Schools has been serving families since 1901, with our first high school class graduating in 1922. Since then, more than 13,500 graduates have left Holland Christian prepared to love and serve in God’s world, working to transform it for Jesus Christ. We consider you, our graduates, not only our success stories, but also our extended family, and love to hear your stories and know what you are up to, how you’re doing life!

More About Our Alumni
Alumni choir singing together
Two HS girls from Unified bocce ball team smiling at the camera together

Better Together in Christ

We are grateful for the time and investment of this large group of volunteers who all together make up our Diversity Task Force–a working group of diverse representation from HCS, the Holland community, parents, students, alumni, etc. all working together to advance our HC Board of Trustees’ priorities to be better together in Christ. For practical purposes, the task force is divided into the four areas of curriculum, recruitment, retention, and community scholarship assistance, all of which are described in more detail below. Each group meets monthly and provides periodic updates about their work, but if you have questions about the Diversity Task Force, feel free to contact the Katie Clausing at

Meet Our Diversity Task Force

Board Of Trustees

Typically, our Board of Trustees comprises a cross-section of our school community, primarily parents of children attending the school currently. Over the years this has included tradespeople, educators, small business owners, doctors, bankers, and stay-at-home moms. Currently there are 12 board members, but that number varies between 9-12 members depending on the needs of the board and the availability of those willing to serve.

Meet Our Board
Preschool children's hands reaching into a plastic clear tub of colorful building blocks.

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