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At Holland Christian Schools we make the first educational experience of our youngest learners feel like a home away from home, with teachers who love and nurture them, but also think outside the box and personalize education based on the latest research about how kids learn.

Children begin their kindergarten journey from a wide variety of places. Some approach school ready and eager for the everyday experience, while others thrive better in a part-time setting. And the needs of today’s families are just as varied. That’s why we offer part-time, full-time, English, Spanish Immersion and Forest School kindergarten options for families!

Learning is best when it’s relevant for students, when they see its connection to the world around them. And few opportunities offer the level of concrete relevance that a nature-based program does, besides dovetailing beautifully with HC’s mission and faith-formative focus.

Spanish Immersion is wonderfully effective way to prepare students well for the kind of world in which they live and work, interacting and collaborating with many different people. It equips our students to carry out the Gospel mission to join God in cultivating shalom amidst the chaos we find in our world.

Our preschool through 5th grade students at Rose Park, on Holland’s north side of town, discover God’s amazing world in both English and Spanish immersion classes. A host of passionate and innovative educators teach both indoors and outside, and supported frequently by fellow student learners along the way.

South Side has been described by parents as a children’s garden for our preschool through 2nd grade students on Holland’s south side of town, all going about the important business of learning about God’s beautiful world while discovering and following His will in their young lives.

Pine Ridge is a unique 3rd through 5th grade STEM-focused school on Holland’s south side of town, with caring teachers guiding and mentoring students through their engaging upper elementary education, all undergirded by commitment to applying a STEM focus in all subject areas.

Under the care and instruction of our skilled and creative Christian educators, 6th through 8th students at HCMS receive a stellar and formative middle school experience rooted in God’s Word, complete with age-appropriate yet challenging academics, a wide array of extracurriculars, and positive social interactions.

We view each high school student as an individual image bearer of God with unique gifts, abilities, and callings in life, and are committed to providing for a wide range of student interests and abilities. It is our intentional infusion of God’s word into every subject, including our advanced technology, and our desire for meaningful spiritual formation in our students that sets us apart.

Our Holland Christian Homeschool Connection, or (HC)2, was created to provide a Christ-centered, high-quality, cost-effective education for families who choose to homeschool their children. We believe that our supportive and innovative approach combines the best attributes of homeschooling with the best features of Holland Christian Schools!

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We look forward to meeting you and your family and introducing you to the fresh, creative, personalized education at Holland Christian! We are here to help! Get in touch using the contact form linked below or call us at 616.820.2805.

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