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Middle School

Welcome to Holland Christian Middle School. It is a school that thrives on learning more about God’s world through appropriately challenging academics, a wide array of extracurricular offerings, and positive social interactions.

Under the care and instruction of skilled Christian educators, students of Holland Christian Middle School receive a solid formative experience rooted in God’s Word.

Our mission at Holland Christian School is, “Equipping minds and nurturing hearts to transform the world for Jesus Christ.” This motto challenges us to not only provide our students with the academic rigor and character shaping experiences necessary for today’s learners, but also instill in our children the vision to participate in God’s redemptive plan here and elsewhere. Truly, there is no place or time where our Lord’s Gospel should not be declared and our witness not needed. We hold it a great honor to invite your students to perform that important work with their lives.

Tom Strikwerda
Middle School Principal

Holland Christian
Middle School

Principal Tom Strikwerda
850 Ottawa Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Phone: 616.820.3205

HCMS Staff

Quick Links

View this month’s lunch menu. More information about our Food Services program can be found on the Food Services Page.

Learn more about our School Policies, Student Expectations, Extra Curriculars, and other general information.

A collection of online resources for student reference as well as information about our physical Media Center Spaces.

We consider athletics to be extensions of our classrooms—perfect opportunities to learn about each other better as individuals, and to experience Christian community

A list of all the items by grade level each student should bring to school either on the first day of school or to the HCMS orientation day.

Middle School announcements & grade level homework assignments can be found on the Middle School Learning Document.

Latest News

The best way to know what’s happening around our middle school is to read our monthly newsletter with the big picture items, and our middle school daily announcements which have detailed day-to-day items to keep you in the know.

HCMS Monthly NewslettersHCMS Daily Announcements

All Grades Bell Schedule

1st Hour*
8:00 – 8:50
2nd Hour
8:54 – 9:38
9:38 – 9:46
3rd Hour
9:50 – 10:34
4th Hour^
10:38 – 11:25
7th/8th Lunch & 6th/HC2 Recess
11:25 – 11:42
7th/8th Recess & 6th/HC2 Lunch
11:42 – 11:59
5th Hour
12:04 – 12:48
6th Hour
12:52 – 1:36
7th Hour
1:40 – 2:24
2:28 – 2:55
Tuesday (Block day)
1st Hour*
8:00 – 9:22
9:22 – 9:30
2nd Hour
9:34 – 10:51
10:55 – 11:31
7th/8th Lunch & 6th Recess
11:31 – 11:48
7th/8th Recess & 6th Lunch
11:48 – 12:05
3rd Hour
12:10 – 1:27
1:27 – 1:34
4th Hour#
1:38 – 2:55
Wednesday (Late start & block day)
8:30 – 8:35
8:38 – 9:15
HR 6,7/PE8/Art 8
9:19 – 10:00
10:00 – 10:08
5th Hour^
10:12 – 11:31
7th/8th Lunch & 6th Recess
11:31 – 11:48
7th/8th Recess & 6th Lunch
11:48 – 12:05
6th Hour
12:10 – 1:27
1:27 – 1:34
7th Hour#
1:38 – 2:55
  • Symbols: * Devotions & attendance
    ^ Announcements & prayer
    # Prayer
    ~ Attendance
  • Half days finish at 11:15am
  • During the second semester, 6th and 7th grades eat lunch first, while 8th grade and HC2 eat lunch second.

Have Questions?

We look forward to meeting you and your family and introducing you to the fresh, creative, personalized education at Holland Christian! We are here to help! Get in touch us using our contact form linked below or call us at 616.820.2805.

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