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The purpose of our Fine Arts Department is to glorify our Creator and celebrate our roles as His image bearers through creative expression and invention!

We practice patience and encouragement to learn from our mistakes and each other. As students grow in their knowledge of art, it is our hope they will take these experiences and share their art to bring joy, beauty, and truth to God’s world. We invite you to come and see, touch, play, sing, dance, listen, view, and appreciate with us!

Band & Orchestra

God has placed us in a world with the raw materials of music–pitch, resonance and time–and has given each of us image bearers the ability to create music. We respond by praising God for this wonderful gift and by using music that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.

Band & Orchestra Programs
Back of 2 female violinists looking at their music
HCHS choirs all singing together in a performance directed by Mrs. Blom


The vocal music program at Holland Christian engages students in a deeper understanding and appreciation of music through the development of the God-given instrument inside each of us: the voice. We were created to worship our Creator. Singing plays a central role in expressing praise and honor for what God has done for us through Jesus.

Choir Programs


Holland Christian’s award-winning theatre program begins in middle school and builds throughout high school. The high school program features a full-scale musical, competion-based one-act play, spring play, forensics, and a 24-hour theatre program.

Theatre Programs

Visual & Media Arts

The process of creating is a wonderful thing to witness. It is not easily defined, neat and tidy, or predictable. But it is engaging, surprising, and alive. Creating is often filled with questions, uncertainty, and mystery…and sometimes we aren’t comfortable with this ambiguity. But beauty itself is mysterious, and mystery is certainly a part of wonder…and what could be more wondrous than God’s ever-changing world? Learn more about HCHS’s visual arts and how we learn ambiguity and beauty and creativity through them!

Visual Arts

Community Support

We could not provide such a robust level of programming without our parent support groups. Our HC Music Boosters raises funds for instruments, equipment, uniforms, and scholarships. Or please consider joining our TAP (Theatre Arts Patrons) Board, a group dedicated to the promotion and well-being of the theatre and forensics programs at HC.

Music BoostersSupport TAP

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You are welcome to visit Holland Christian Schools at any time–whether in person or virtually–to learn more about us and see things in action for yourself. We’ll roll out the red carpet for you during your visit with one of the members of our leadership team!

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