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We love our community, our athletics, our lunches. But we're really here because we love to teach your kids–and history shows we're good at it.

With an outstanding teaching faculty, Holland Christian Schools has gained a reputation for educational excellence (link to test scores) and for innovation and creativity both in and outside of the classroom. Leading test scores and the pursuit of best practices by our remarkable staff of professional educators have proven that to be the case year after year. But we also know that education today is so much more than what goes on in our classrooms, science labs, art rooms, and gymnasiums.

We continue to equip minds and nurture hearts on the playgrounds and athletic fields, through service trips and Bible studies, music rehearsals and marching bands, out of the relationships built between teachers and students, friends and colleagues, coaches and athletes.

Why Would We Learn That?

Fair question, right? It’s one we wrestle with on a daily basis at Holland Christian Schools, and we have an answer that shapes our entire curriculum. We want to unleash the authentic passion inside your child. We want him to seek truth relentlessly, equipped with knowledge and skills—along with the ability to apply them to his life. We want her to make new discoveries and feel the empowerment of harnessing her gifts.

Our Curriculum

Faith Development

It is an honor and privilege at Holland Christian Schools to partner with parents and churches to encourage the unique faith development of each student. Our mission is to “equip minds and nurture hearts to transform the world for Jesus Christ.” These are not separate and distinct endeavors. We seek to honor the whole child in an integrated way. The teachers at Holland Christian are uniquely equipped to encourage student growth and maturity in every dimension of their being, including their faith.

Faith Development

Language Immersion

Spanish Immersion is wonderfully effective way to prepare our students well for the kind of world in which they live and work, interacting and collaborating with many different people wherever they may be, as well as around the world. Even more, Spanish Immersion further equips our students to carry out the Gospel mission to which we are called as Christ’s disciples, namely, to join God in cultivating shalom amidst the chaos we find in our world.

Language Immersion

Forest School

Learning is best when it’s relevant for students—when they see its connection to the world around them. And few opportunities offer the level of concrete relevance that a nature-based program does, besides dovetailing beautifully with HC’s mission and faith-formative focus—that the Lord cares deeply about the world He made, and we, as His followers, love the things He loves, including His creation. Research on outdoor education has shown that effective outdoor learning can improve students’ focus, cognitive function, test scores, social skills, wonder and creativity.

Forest School

Academic Programs & Services

God has big plans for every student who walks our halls. That’s a big responsibility entrusted to us. It’s humbling, and we take the charge seriously. Since education is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and some students need additional resources to thrive, we handcraft an individualized plan for each student who needs support. The beauty of Holland Christian is that our programs are fluid; it’s common for a student to receive the help they need in one subject and be challenged to live into their giftedness in another.

Our Programs & Services


Recognized by Apple as a technology program with innovation, leadership, and educational excellence in an exemplary learning environment, Holland Christian has a 1:1 technology program (1 device:1student) where K-4th grade students utilize iPads and 5th-12th grade students utilize MacBook computers.

Our Technology

Homeschool Program

Our homeschool program is called (HC)2, and was created to provide a Christ-centered, high-quality, cost-effective education for families who choose to homeschool their children. Our central focus is to develop the unique gifts of your child for God’s glory. We believe that our supportive and innovative approach combines the best attributes of homeschooling with the best features of Holland Christian Schools!

Learn More About HC2

Benchmarks & Achievements

At Holland Christian Schools, our learners possess a wide range of abilities, and our passionate educators work hard to help all of them reach their fullest potential. We are proud of all of our students’ accomplishments, year after year.

Benchmarks & Achievements

Educational Philosophy

Holland Christian Schools were established in response to the teaching of Scripture that all life must be lived in loving obedience to the Lord’s will and that the Christian community in general and parents in particular have a great responsibility to educate their children in the love, wisdom, knowledge and righteousness of their sovereign God.

Educational Philosophy

I liked the personal relationships I could form with the staff which helped me academically, personally, and spiritually. Talking to teachers about their experiences in education or life is really valuable.


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