CHAMPS Athletic Boosters

We need your help! If you have a passion for affordable athletics in a Christian context, we have a spot for you.

There are many ways you can help to support HCS and ZCS athletic programs. Volunteers are always needed: from one-time commitments in the concession stand, to joining a committee, to being a part of the CHAMPS board, there is a way for you to plug in. Your partnership helps CHAMPS provide the necessary facilities and equipment for our athletes to seek and perform at their best.

Dear Partners of Holland Christian Athletics, 

If you were fortunate enough to participate on an athletic team while in school, you probably look back as I do on the meaningful opportunities you had as a student. Meaningful experiences are typically challenging for athletes, but working through adversity and competing together is what makes the life lessons in sports so lasting. You surely do not remember every detail of your experience as a student-athlete, but you probably remember difficulties you faced with teammates. Whether it is grinding out a long run as a pack, supporting a teammate caught in a deep third set, or strategizing as a team for a rival opponent the next day, we learn best through physical challenges with others. Education athletics are not only fun for athletes, they are the environments that teach athletes some of the most meaningful life lessons.

Each of our approximately 600 individual middle and high school athletes have opportunities to develop in their character with a quality experience on one of our 22 MHSAA programs. We have over 100 coaches dedicated to providing a positive and challenging environment for our student-athletes to develop in, both physically and in their character. The development our athletes experience provides them with instilled traits that go far beyond any field, court or pool.

We invite you to partner with us in support of CHAMPS, our athletic fundraising arm for Zeeland Christian and Holland Christian schools. Your partnership helps CHAMPS provide the necessary facilities and equipment for our athletes to seek and perform at their best. Please see the CHAMPS Opportunity Sheet for a variety of ways to partner with CHAMPS through a business sponsorship or a Maroons and White Club donation. We are also interested in creative partnership ideas you may have as well. Please do not hesitate to connect through the contact information below. Your support allows us to provide first rate experiences for each of our athletes.

This is a unique athletic year we find ourselves in to say the least. We ask for your continued prayers for our coaches and athletes as we prepare our programs for hundreds of individual athletes to have positive experiences. Although we do not always understand the difficulties our world faces, we know God is in control. We live into His Hope of what will come, we have faith in what he has already done and we seek to use our athletic teams to influence sports culture for his glory this coming year. We are extremely thankful for the many ongoing partnerships with our athletic programs at Holland Christian. Go Maroons!

Dave Engbers
Athletic Director and CHAMPS Board Member

Ways to get involved with CHAMPS

CHAMPS Coupon Books & Digital Coupons

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The restaurant, playtime and golf discounts in the Holland/Zeeland area pay for themselves after only a few uses. CHAMPS coupons have been a staple fundraiser for about 50 years supporting athletes at both Zeeland Christian and Holland Christian Schools, purchasing sports equipment and improving athletic facilities at both schools.

If you prefer the paper coupon books, they are available at each school building and several area businesses–including Russ’ and Quality Carwash locations–and through TRIP at both ZCS and HCS for $30 by cash or check. Either way, you save money and support both local businesses and student-athletes at the same time!

Thank you for supporting our partnership with the local community and athletics at both Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian Schools!

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We are always adding to our concessions team! There are a variety of ways you can help, depending on your interests and the time you can commit. Contact Jennifer Bieri at to be emailed a concessions volunteer sign up, or call her at 616.820.2916.


Be a part a part of the board that oversees the CHAMPS booster program. Contact Dave Engbers at to join the CHAMPS board.

Donation & Sponsorship Opportunities

There are a variety of ways you can either directly donate to CHAMPS, or sponsor almost anything from a particular sporting event to custom water bottles sold at our concessions stands. To read more about these various ways of sponsoring, check out our CHAMPS Opportunity Sheet.

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For further information on our Holland Christian Highs School athletic programs, please contact our athletic director, Dave Engbers, at

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