Year in Review & Athletics Awards

During the 2021-22 school year, HCHS had 391 student-athletes, or 61% of our student body, involved in a single MHSAA sport.

There were 190 student-athletes, or 49% of our athletes, involved in multiple MHSAA sports.  133 multi-sport athletes have also maintained a GPA of 3.5 or greater earning them the distinction as a multi-sport scholar athlete!

Listed below are the accomplishments of all 23 schools-sponsored sports that we have here at Holland Christian Schools, including boys club volleyball and the three sports under the umbrella of West Ottawa High School–competitive cheer, boys hockey and girls lacrosse.

Spring 2022 Season Review

Boys Track & Field

  • OK Blue: 4th Place (3-4)
  • All Conference: Parker Fenton, Landon Culver, Austin Brinks, Parker Lambers & Aidan Brinks
  • MHSAA Regional: 6th (63 pts)
  • MHSAA Final: 7th (26 pts)
  • MHSAA State Champions: 4×800 (Culver, Fenton, Brinks & Lambers)
  • MITCA All State: Austin Brinks, Parker Fenton, Meta Hoekstra, Landon Culver, Brody DeKruyter, Jordan Duncan & Parker Lambers

Girls Track & Field

  • OK Blue: 6th Place (2-5)
  • All Conference: Alyssa Gerritsma, Sarah Schloff & Samara Brinks
  • MHSAA Regional: 8th (35 pts)

Boys Lacrosse

  • OK Tier III: Runner Up (4-2, 7-6 overall)
  • All Conference: Harris Shook, Jackson Engbers & Nick Zahn
  • MHSAA Regional: Semifinalist
  • MHSLCA All State: Jackson Engbers, Andrew Chesser & Nick Zahn
  • MHSLCA Academic All State: Ben Nelson, Andrew Chesser, Aiden Delcalzo & Harris Shook

Girls Soccer

  • OK Blue: 3rd Place (6-4, 8-6 Overall)
  • All Conference: Ainsley Harris, Kayla Cannon, Hadley VanderBent & Ryanne VanWyk
  • MHSAA District: Semifinalist
  • MIHSSCA All State: TBD

Boys Baseball

  • OK Blue: 8th Place (4-17)
  • All Conference: Gavin DeBoer
  • MHSAA District: Semifinalist

Girls Softball

  • OK Blue: 6th Place (4-10)
  • MHSAA District: Semifinalist

Boys Golf

  • OK Blue: 3rd Place
  • All Conference: Cade VandenBosch
  • MHSAA Regional: 5th Place
  • MHSAA State Qualifier: Isaiah Geerlings
  • MIGCA Academic All State: TBD

Girls Tennis

  • OK Blue: Champions (6-0)
  • All Conference: Hope Rhoades, Bria Lampen, Eva Van Klompenberg, Ainsley VandenBrink & Lilly DeVries
  • MHSAA Regional: Champions (19 pts)
  • MHSAA Finals: 12th (8 pts)
  • MHSTeCA All State: Lilly DeVries, Ainsley VandenBrink & Hope Rhoades
  • MHSTeCA All Academic: Team & Hope Rhoades

Girls Lacrosse with West Ottawa

  • OK Tier III: 8-8 overall
  • MHSAA Regional: First Round

Winter Season 21-22 Season Review

Boys Swimming & Diving

  • OK Tier I: Runner Up (4-1)
  • All Conference: Teddy Hollebeek, Karsten Huisman, Blake Assink, Christian Hoeksema, & Sam Nykamp
  • MHSAA State: Runner Up
  • MISCA All State: Parker Lambers, Basillio Ledesma, David Buursma, Jackson Horjus, Sam Nykamp, Blake Assink & Christian Hoeksema

Girls Basketball

  • OK Blue: Runner Up (8-6/12-10 Overall)
  • All Conference: Camryn VandenBosch & Tryna VanderZwaag (HM)
  • MHSAA Districts: Finals
  • BCAM Awards: TBD

Boys Basketball

  • OK Blue: Runner Up (10-4/15-8 Overall)
  • All Conference: Jalen Overway & Adam Kroeze
  • MHSAA District: Champions
  • MHSAA Regional: Semi Finals
  • BCAM Awards: TBD

Boys Hockey with West Ottawa

  • OK Rue Division: 5th Place (5-19 Overall)
  • All Conference: Gavin Melcher
  • MHSAA Regional: Semi Final
  • MHSHCA All State: Gavin Melcher

Fall 2021 Season Review

Boys Cross Country

  • OK Blue Champions
  • All Conference: Parker Lambers, Sam Strabbing, Aidan Brinks & Karsten Huisman
  • MHSAA Regional: 3rd Place
  • MHSAA Finals: 23rd Place
  • MITCA All State: Parker Lambers, 5th Place
  • MITCA Academic All State: Parker Lambers

Girls Cross Country

  • OK Blue 3rd Place
  • All Conference: Emma Kern, Sarah Schloff & Alaina Dokter
  • MHSAA Regional: 3rd Place
  • MHSAA Finals: 26th Place
  • MITCA Academic All State: Team

Boys Football

  • OK Blue 7th Place (1-6, 2-7 Overall)
  • All Conference: Ben Nelson, Lucas Conklin & Jordan Duncan

Girls Golf

  • OK Blue: 3rd Place
  • All Conference: Ainsley VandenBrink
  • MHSAA Regional: 5th Place
  • MIGCA All State: Ainsley VandenBrink
  • MIGCA Academic All State: TBD

Boys Soccer

  • OK Blue Runners-up (8-1-1/14-3-2 Overall)
  • All Conference: Kirby Eggers, Brandon Walters, Daniel Morgan, Luke Danhoff & Caden Brink
  • MHSAA District Champions
  • MHSAA Regional Runner-Up
  • MIHSSCA All State: Kirby Eggers, Brandon Walters, Daniel Morgan & Landon Culver
  • MIHSSCA All Academic Team: Nick Lubbers, Luke Danhoff, Max VanVliet, Landon Culver, Kirby Eggers, Brandon Walters & Adam Kroeze

Girls Swimming & Diving

  • OK Tier 1 Champions (6-0)
  • All Conference: Meghan Bengelink, Annie Petrak, Samara Brinks, Claire DeKievit, Maddie Brink, Maria Heeres & Lauren Plockmeyer
  • MHSAA State 4th Place
  • MISCA All State: Annie Petrak, Claire DeKievit, Samara Brinks, Maria Heeres, Meghan Bengelink, Ruthie Ryden & Lauren Grotenhuis
  • MISCA Academic All State: TBD

Boys Tennis

  • OK Blue Champions (6-0)
  • All Conference: Jaden Bender, Tucker Heneghan, Alex Maschke & Leif Bauman
  • MHSAA Regional: 3rd Place
  • MHSAA Finals: 7th Place
  • MHSTeCA All State: Jaden Bender, Alex Maschke & Tucker Heneghan
  • MHSTeCA All Academic: Team & Evan Spruit

Girls Volleyball

  • OK Blue 4th Place (5-5 / 20-14-6 overall)
  • All Conference: Avery Huisman & Ellie DeVries
  • MHSAA District Quarterfinals
  • MIVCA All State: Avery Huisman
  • MIVCA Academic All State: Team, Dilyn Duryee, Ryanne VanWyk, Ellie DeVries & Anna Larsen

2021-22 Awards

MHSAA Scholar Athlete Award

This award is the most prestigious honor given by the MHSAA annually to students. Out of approximately 1,500 nominations each year, 32 senior athletes earn scholarships based on achievement and leadership in athletics and activities, as well as responses to short answer and essay questions. A major portion of the application is an essay on the importance of sportsmanship in educational athletics.  The following students are nominees for the MHSAA Scholar Athlete Award.

  • Jaden Bender
  • Meghan Bengelink
  • Luke Danhoff
  • Piper Dekkinga
  • Isaiah Geerlings
  • Adam Kroeze
  • Anna Larsen
  • Ben Nelson
  • Hope Rhoades
  • Brandon Walters


Presented in honor of former Holland Christian teacher, coach, and athletic director, Clare Pott, this award recognizes a female and male athlete with outstanding achievement in varsity athletics, scholarship, school, church, community, and evidence of Christian growth.

Megan Bengelink (Aquatics & Track and Field)

Landon Culver (Soccer & Track and Field)


The U.S. Marine Corps annually honors both a female and male student-athlete who positively represent their branch of the military at Holland Christian. The Distinguished Athlete Award recognizes athletes who display courage, poise and self confidence as an outstanding leader and varsity athlete.

Samara Brinks (Aquatics & Track and Field)

Jordan Duncan (Football & Track and Field)

Adam Kroeze (Soccer, Basketball & Golf)

Sarah Schloff (Cross Country & Track and Field)


Presented by former Holland Christian teacher, coach, and athletic director Mike Phelps, this award recognizes a female and male student-athlete who exhibit the character traits Mike Phelps valued. His award recognizes exceptional leadership qualities, passion for sport, strong work ethic, sportsmanship, and Christian character.

Ainsley Harris (Basketball & Soccer)

Ben Nelson (Football, Basketball & Lacrosse)


The OK Conference includes almost 50 schools and annually has members finish in the top ranks of the MHSAA. Each year the conference recognizes a female and male student from each participating school who demonstrate exceptional ability and achievement as an athlete and positively represent Holland Christian and the OK Conference.

Piper Dekkinga (Aquatics & Lacrosse)

Kirby Eggers (Soccer)

Parker Lambers (Cross Country, Aquatics & Track and Field)

Hope Rhoades (Tennis)

2021-22 Athletic Participation

MHSAA February 2022 Student Count: 643
Sports Offered: 23 (11 Girls & 12 Boys)
Individual Student Participation: 61% (391 Athletes)
Athlete Average # of Sports: 1.57 (612 Roster Spots)
Athletes on Multiple Teams: 49% (190 Multi-Sport Athletes)

2021-22 Multi-Sport Scholar Athletes

The following individuals combined the achievements of participating on multiple athletic teams and maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5. Senior Multi-Sport Scholar Athletes also earn distinction as OK Conference Scholar Athletes.


Sara Algera
Maxwell Apotheker
Tyler Bostrom
Lillian Brummel
Joshua Bruxvoort
Noah Danhoff
Austin DeHaan
Elliot DeWeerdt
William Engbers
Grace Fenton
Luke Groenheide

Ella Halma
Tyler Hemmeke
Karsten Huisman
Christian Huizenga
Mara Johnston
Evelyn Klingenberg
Gabriel Konfara
Ashlynn Laarman
Breanna Lamer
Henry Langejans
Anika Melcher

Caleb Meyaard
Desmond Meyaard
Rosemary N’ake
Adelynn Nyhof
Noah Perton
Alexander Plockmeyer
Gabriella Rooks
Levi Rozema
Ruth Ryden
Brayden Rynsburger

Liam Shook
Kierea Smits
Noel Sprick
Nathan Steen
Gavin Swiftney
Colin Taylor-DeNooyer
Grant VanderZee
Caden VanHuis
Spencer Walraven
Nicholas Zahn


Alden Baker
Nathan Bengelink
Eli Boyce
Chase Brink
Luke Bushouse
Brody DeKruyter
Lillian DeVries
Monika Diaz
Megan Grassmid

Michael Haig
Jaylyn Harsevoort
Kayla Hoek
Chase Hoekstra
Rylie Huisenga
Zachary Kern
Hannah Knot
Cortney Leep
Simon Langejans

Parker Leeuw
Alexander Maschke
Josiah Meyers
Luke Michmerhuizen
Sylvie Mulder
Brycen Overway
Caden Petroelje
Samuel Plockmeyer
Luke Rigterink

Teagan Schoonveld
Simon Sprick
Joseph Stielstra
Tianna Stygstra
Lake Vander Ploeg
Baylee VanderZwaag
David Van Duinen
Ryan Vos
Ellen Wierda


Jason Bos
Kayla Cannon
Kyle Cannon
Caleb DeMaster
Isabella Dykstra
Jackson Engbers
Parker Fenton
Jacob Gabrielse
Nicole Genzink

Alyssa Gerritsma
Lauren Grotenhuis
Samantha Grotenhuis
Harrison Halbert
Ethan Helms
Avery Huisman
Samuel Knot
Bria Lampen
Aiden Leenstra

Sierra Malone
Ella Meckley
Erica Mulder
James Oosterhouse
Anne Petrak
Michael Pierce
Lillian Ryden
Harris Shook
Conner Smits

Samuel Strabbing
Kayla VandenBerg
Ainsley VandenBrink
Shane VanderZee
Tryna Vander Zwaag
Jensy VanVliet
Alyson Vikstrom
Joshua Woolsey


Meghan Bengelink
Henry Bergoef
Hannah Bruxvoort
Adrian Cooney
Landon Culver

Piper Dekkinga
Alaina Dokter
Natalie Grassmid
Aliyah Harned
Emma Kern

Adam Kroeze
Parker Lambers
Anna Larsen
Ben Nelson
Samuel Perton

Sarah Schloff
Elliot Stielstra
Claire VanDuinen
Tyler VanHaitsma
Ryanne Van Wyk

MHSAA State Championships



2016 Division II State Champions (Jim Caserta)

Boys Basketball

1934 Class C State Champions (Al Muyskens)
1935 Class C State Champions (Al Muyskens)
1939 Class C Runner Up
1954 Class B Runner Up
1961 Class B Runner Up
1968 Class B Runner Up

Boys Cross Country

1999 Class B Runner Up


2008 Division IV State Champions (Willie Snead III)

Boys Soccer

1986 Class B-C State Champions (Dan Walcott)
2003 Division II State Champions (Jack Heyboer)

Boys Swimming & Diving

1988 Class BCD State Champions (Kimble/Klaasen)
1989 Class BCD State Champions (Kimble/Klaasen)
1990 Class BCD Runner Up
2011 Division III Runner Up
2018 Division III State Champions (Smeenge/Tolsma)
2019 Division III State Champions (Smeenge/Tolsma)
2021 Division III Runner Up
2022 Division III Runner Up

Boys Tennis

1953 Class B State Champions (Clare Pott)
1954 Class B State Champions (Clare Pott)
1961 Class B Runner Up
1962 Class B Runner Up
1963 Class B State Champions (Clare Pott)
1965 Class B State Champions (Clare Pott)
1990 Class B Runner Up
1998 Division III Runner Up


Competitive Cheer

2005 Class B Runner Up
2007 Division II State Champions (Beth Cunningham)


1976 Class B State Champions (Dennis Spoelman)

Girls Swimming & Diving

1996 Class BCD State Champions (Walters/Klaasen)
1997 Class BCD Runner Up

Girls Tennis

1993 Class B State Champions (Tom Buursma)
2001 Division III Runner Up
2005 Division III State Champions (John Knoester)
2006 Division III State Champions (John Knoester)

Girls Track & Field

2018 Division II Runner Up
2019 Division II Runner Up


1994 Class B Runner Up
2007 Class B Runner Up
2008 Class B State Champions (Amy Berkenpas)

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