Rachel Hendershot

Rachel Hendershot smiling at the camera

Rachel Hendershot

Human Resources & Title 9 Coordinator

I grew up in the Holland area, attended Indiana Wesleyan University for a B.A. in Criminal Justice, thinking then that I would go into law enforcement. However, instead I joined the ranks at Bethany Christian Services as a social worker right out of college, starting out in the foster care arena. I ended my 19-year career at Bethany Christian Services managing three Bethany Christian facilities after finishing my masters at Cornerstone University in Business Management.

My husband John, who works for a non-profit in Grand Rapids, and I have three children: our oldest son away at college, and our younger two daughters at South Side and Pine Ridge. It was through our very positive experience at Holland Christian as parents that I was drawn to working here, as I fell in love with who HC is, and who they are trying to be.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, and love to be outside with my kids at the beach or on a hike, if I’m not out working in the yard or garden.