Susan VandenBerg smiling at the camera

Susan VandenBerg

Spanish Teacher

I graduated from Calvin College in 1995, majoring in English and minoring in Business. After living in Madrid, Spain, for a year, I returned to Calvin for a teaching certificate and a minor in Spanish. At Valley Christian in Cerritos, Calfornia, I taught Spanish and English for seven years before my husband Scott and I moved to Holland. Since then I have been freelance writing and serving as a substitute teacher at Holland Christian.

We have three children, Ella, Abram, and Charlotte, who all attend HC. We love being a part of Fourteenth Street CRC. Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it; the world and all who live in it.” Learning another language is a wonderful way to expand our view of God’s world and to love those whom he created in his image. It’s also just a lot of fun!