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College Athletics

Holland Christian is proud of many alumni who continue participation as student-athletes beyond high school.

It is a privilege to find a collegiate opportunity to continue both academics and athletics, but it is also important to understand the realities of competing in college. Statistics show that 1 in 15 high school student athletes compete in collegiate athletics (.5 million NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA athletes/7.5 million NFHS athletes), and that only 1 in 50 high school student-athletes receive any college athletic scholarship.

Although the responsibility for the transition rests on the athlete and their family, our school counselors, athletic department, and coaches will provide assistance and encouragement throughout the process. Please use the information below to assist in the transition from high school to college athletics.

Assistance in the Recruiting Process

Two websites can help with understanding the facts and rules of college athletics. Please visit

Checkpoints for Preparation

Freshmen & Sophomores

  • Meet with your school counselor to confirm required course selection and plan to graduate with your class.
  • Review the guides for the college-bound student-athletes.


  • Review items to complete during the freshmen and sophomore years.
  • Register with your respective eligibility center.
  • Register for the ACT, SAT or both and have a copy sent to your respective eligibility center by entering “9999” for the NCAA and “9876” for the NAIA when registering.
  • Determine final course selection for your senior year with your guidance councilor to be certain all requirements for eligibility will be met.
  • Ask your guidance councilor to send your official transcript to your respective eligibility center following your junior year.


  • Take the ACT, SAT or both again if necessary as the respective eligibility centers will take the best scores from each section of the test for the highest cumulative score.
  • If ACT or SAT scores were not sent to your respective eligibility center during registration, do so before graduation. This is not accepted from Holland Christian High School and must be completed by the athlete through the ACT or SAT.
  • Request your final amateurism certification from your college on or after April 1.
  • After graduation, ask your school counselor to send a final transcript to the respective eligibility center with proof of graduation.

Eligibility Info & Registration

Student-athletes need to register their eligibility for a NCAA (ONLY Division I or II, NOT Division III) or NAIA athletic opportunity. Please visit the two links below to do that:

NCAA Eligibility CenterNCAA Guide for the College Bound AthleteNAIA Eligibility Center

We're Here To Help!

Our counselors encourage students who desire to meet with them for any reason–including questions on college athletics–to sign up in the counseling office on the noted sign-up sheets. Students who sign up will receive a visitation note with a specific date and time on it. Parents can also feel free to call the counselor at any time to discuss an issue or schedule a personal meeting. Students whose last names begin with the letters A-J will see Mrs. Christner, and students whose last names begin with the letters K-Z will see Mr. DeBlecourt.

Email Mrs. ChristnerEmail Mr. DeBlecourt