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All Holland Christian tickets for MHSAA post season events are sold through GoFan (no passes accepted).
*General Fan Support for Purchasing and Redeeming Tickets.
*Live streaming for MHSAA events, when available, is only on the NFHS network.

Baseball: District Bracket (6/3 at Hamilton @ 12:00pm)

Boys Golf: Regional Assignment (6/1 at Diamond Springs @ 10:00am)

Boys Lacrosse: Regional Bracket (5/22 Quarterfinal at Mattawan @ 6:00pm)

Girls Soccer: District Bracket (5/31 Semifinal at Unity vs. Fenville @ 7:00pm)

Softball: District Bracket (6/3 at Hamilton @ 10:00am)

Girls Tennis: Regional Assignment (5/19 at Holland Christian @ 9:00am)
State Finals Interactive Updated Bracket (6/2-3 at University of Michigan)

Track & Field: Regional Meet Information (5/18 at Allendale @ 1:00pm)
State Finals – Girls 4×100 (6/3 at FH Eastern @ 1:00pm)

Go Maroons!