Written by Allison Geenen

We chose Holland Christian because we knew having teachers, staff and leadership rooted in faith was who we wanted our children to be surrounded by as they went throughout their educational years.

Both Kyle and I are alumni, so it was easy to say “yes” to sending our kids to Holland Christian. However, when our oldest was starting preschool, we still felt like a new family! Within the first few minutes of walking into Holland Christian’s Rose Park Elementary, we knew it was the right place for our family.

As we have continued on through the elementary years with our oldest two, it has grown into an extension of our family. The teachers have walked with us through our personal lives and encouraged our kids beyond the academic portion of why kids are in school. The expansion of the playground into the Rose Park Ranch and outdoor playscape have been exciting for our nature loving family. And the friendships formed for our kids are treasured.

Our first invitation to participate in the greater HC community was when our oldest son was in 3’s preschool. The preschool program held a preschool night at an HCHS football game. It was a great way to see the kids and families across all campuses. Later, in kindergarten, a Rose Park Elementary teacher spoke into the parents of our son’s class and encouraged us to “do life together.” These are the parents that will walk the education journey with us for many years to come, and doing life together is a great way to grow our relationships as parents and grow the kids’ relationships. We held on to that and have loved hosting BAM bowling parties with our kids’ classes, fishing experiences at our home, and a moms’ brunch at the beginning of the year for those in our children’s classes. In following years, we’ve loved being involved in supporting HC through the Tuition Grant Fund, Living Stones, volunteer roles, sports, and encouraging growth and new ideas with specific Rose Park Elementary specific projects.

One thing we have said from the very beginning of our journey at HC is that in our ever changing, growing, evolving world (both socially and culturally), we are incredibly grateful our kids will experience these changes while being in a Christian setting surrounded by teachers who are rooted in their faith.

The Christian foundation that they bring to their teaching helps our children grow and develop. Both of our kids come home with an expanded knowledge of who they are, and any challenges they face are met with such graceful and encouraging solutions. I love that their relationship with the Lord is brought into every aspect of growth. Small things like recess bickering amongst friends are handled with a Christian perspective. I truly feel like our kids are growing and developing their Christian worldviews in a beautiful way because of how HC aids in equipping them. They “pause to praise” like their first grade teacher encourages, and they receive homemade devotionals for “Time with God” during the summer months. They pray for their classmates and it’s all so beautiful.

The word that best describes our favorite aspect of Holland Christian is “family.” Holland Christian, and Rose Park Elementary specifically, is an extension of our family. What we are teaching our kids at home, how we are raising them, what’s expected and how to treat others is all reinstalled within them through our “extended family” at HC. The teachers and staff, they should be like family—our kids spend more time at school (awake hours) than at home during the week!

I would encourage parents who are considering an investment in HC to simply walk the halls. You can’t explain the beauty of the Christian education or warmth of the Holland Christian buildings without walking the halls.

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