This speech was written by Luke Bushouse ’24, who as a senior welcomed local business and industry leaders, as well as Holland Christian donors and volunteers to the breakfast before our annual Business & Industry Drive. We always hold our B&I Drive on the last Wednesday in October, when a host of volunteers and HC students and staff visit a large number of area businesses and industries, delivering homemade HC cinnamon rolls and asking for funds for this school year’s  general fund. We like to think of the B&I Drive as an act of faith—in both our community, and our God. 

My name is Luke Bushouse.

Luke Bushouse standing infant of the Big Red Lighthouse in formalwear and a bowtie.I’m a proud fourth-generation Maroon. I’m a senior at HC, and I attend Central Avenue Christian Reformed Church. Some of you may know my dad from the business community in West Michigan. And if you’re old enough, others of you may remember my grandfather, Steve Bushouse, who graduated from HC in 1968. My Nana, Patt Bushouse,may have taught some of you, your children, or even your grandchildren in her 35 years of teaching kindergarten at Holland Christian’s South Side.

At Holland Christian High School, I serve as the Student Body President, and I’ve been my class president for three years. I play football for Coach Abberger and basketball for Coach Jansen. All that said, at school, I just go by “Bushy.” Next year I plan to attend college, and I’m thinking of studying business and playing football too. I mention this to hopefully make a lasting positive impression on you… as I will be looking for a full-time job in a mere four years. Allow me a few minutes to let you know of some of the reasons I think a Holland Christian Education is special – and worth a special investment by you, the business leaders in our community.

Luke Bushouse on the football field during a gameTo start, Living Hope Choir. If you don’t know what Living Hope is allow me to explain: It is a singing group here at Holland Christian made up of some of the best vocalists in the school. It is one of the most intentional and special groups that I know of when it comes to growing my faith. We take a day each week to pray. To regroup. To see what everyone is struggling with, and to take prayer requests and pray for each other. This brings us closer together and turns a singing group into a family in Christ.

Second, HCHS student council has given me the opportunity to participate in this school in new and better ways. One of the things we have done to grow the Holland ChristianStudents closer together is the House Cup. This is a school-wide competition where we compete for a trophy and some major bragging rights for the year. Another is painting parking spots where seniors could go and choose a parking spot and point it to reserve their spot for the year.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of this place. Let me be bold now to say – please continue to give generously to Holland Christian. Your previous investment has meant so much to me in my 14 years here. After I graduate, I want to continue to be involved at HC, and I ask that you join mein ensuring HC’s bright future of equipping minds and nurturing hearts to transform the world forJesus Christ for generations to come.

As always… Go Maroons.