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Enrollment is open for the 23-24 school year! As part of the application process, parents of new students will be asked a couple of longer questions similar to these two, in case you’d like to prep ahead of time?

  • The criteria for admission to Holland Christian Schools include that (1) at least one parent or guardian has a personal testimony of a relationship with Jesus Christ and (2) that the family is regularly involved with a Bible-believing church. Within these criteria, families at Holland Christian come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Please tell us about your faith walk, including how you choose to live out your faith as a family and how your family is involved at the church you attend.
  • Why would you like to enroll your family at a Christian school? What do you hope to see in the lives of your child(ren) as a result of a Holland Christian education?
Apply here for 23-24 enrollment

In case you’re still debating which preschool or kindergartens you’re interested in, since we have all kinds of preschool and kindergarten options to best fit your family’s needs and interests, here’s a quick run down: For more information on preschool and the various enrollment options, please visit our All Things Preschool page.

  • 3-Year-Old Classes: 3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday) or 5 days per week, and half or full days
  • 3-Year-Old Spanish Immersion Class (@ Rose Park): 2 days/week (Tuesdays & Fridays), and half or full days
  • 4-Year-Old Classes: 3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday) or 5 days per week, and half or full days
  • 4-Year-Old Spanish Immersion Class (@ Rose Park): 3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday), and half or full days

For more info on our HC kindergarten options, please visit our All Things Kindergarten page, but here’s a quick list on our HC kindergartens:

  • Young Fives: 5 days/week all day for accelerated 4-year-olds, or 5-year-olds who are 5 by December 1 @ Rose Park & South Side
  • 3 Day+ English @ Rose Park: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday @ Rose Park
  • 5 Day English: Monday-Friday @ Rose Park & South Side
  • Forest Kindergarten: Monday-Friday @ Forest School & outdoors
  • Spanish Immersion Kindergarten: Monday-Friday @ Rose Park

If you have any more questions, though, feel free to contact us–we love to help, and welcome meeting you in person, or showing you around! Admissions office: 616.820.2806 or filling out this form: