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High School Boys Soccer

Boys Soccer Team

Coach: Dave DeBoer
HCHS PE teacher
10th year coaching (15th overall)

Coaching soccer allows me to teach, mentor, and encourage student-athletes on and off the soccer field. Our team motto is “Strength in Numbers.”

Varsity Soccer Schedule

Junior Varsity
Boys Soccer Team

Coach: Michael Johns
WO 3rd grade teacher
3rd year coaching (7th overall)

Coaching gives us the ability to teach and show what challenges will arise in life, as well as challenge others to continue our walk in faith while working with future generations.

JV Soccer Schedule

Boys Soccer Team

Coach: Zach Kammeraad
1st year coaching (1st overall)

I believe our greatest currency as human beings is our time. As Christians we are called to be selfless with our time. Coaching allows me to walk along side my players; we spend so many years mastering a craft like playing a sport. Being a coach allows me to give my unique gifts, abilities and talents back to the next generation to ultimately further God’s Kingdom by playing a beautiful game like soccer.

Freshmen Soccer Schedule

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