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High School Girls Tennis

Tennis Team

Coach: Lynn Bender
MVP Athletic Clubs teaching professional
5th year coaching (5th overall)

As an athlete in high school and college, I have learned many life lessons; athletics has also brought me life long friendships, taught me how to never give up, as well as team work, communication, respect and hard work. The door has opened at a time in my life where I felt it was time for me and the timing was right to help be a role model to these girls and to help them love the game of tennis as much as I do. I’m excited to share my passion and dedication to the sport and provide them opportunities and create memories that will last a lifetime, as tennis is a life-long sport I hope they will continue to play even beyond their high school careers.

Varsity Tennis Schedule
Girls varsity tennis team wearing maroon uniform dresses and holding their tennis rackets in front of them, while smiling at the camera
Girls varsity tennis coach standing outside on the tennis court, smiling at the camera.
Girls JV tennis team wearing gray uniform tops and maroon uniform skirts, while holding their rackets in front of them and smiling at the camera
Girls JV tennis coach standing on the tennis courts and smiling at the camera.

Junior Varsity
Tennis Team

Coach: Lissa Gilmore
Tennis Director for the City of Holland Recreation
3rd year coaching (28th overall)

I love teaching and coaching tennis! For me, it’s all about creating an environment of fun and joy so that students want to keep coming back. I love the beauty of the game, the life lessons and character-building opportunities, and being part of an athlete’s personal and athletic growth.

I am looking forward to participating in the awesome sporting culture of Holland Christian High School. I can’t wait to spend time on court with the girls and start learning and growing together!

JV Tennis Schedule

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