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High School Girls Volleyball

Volleyball Team

Coach: Gerritt VanKlaveren
2nd year coaching (7th overall)

The Lord has placed on my heart to mentor young athletes through the sport I love. I coach to challenge, encourage, teach, and walk alongside student-athletes. I stress coaching the physical, mental, social, and spiritual part of the game, which helps us grow into the individual God has made us. Lastly, I stress the process over results where volleyball’s ups and downs help prepare us for life’s highs and lows.

Varsity Volleyball Schedule
Girls varsity volleyball team smiling at the camera, wearing white jerseys.
Coach Gerrit smiling at the camera in front of a volleyball net.
JV girls volleyball team smiling at the camera, wearing black uniforms.
Coach Kylie smiling at the camera.

Junior Varsity
Volleyball Team

Coach: Kylie Leeuw
4th year coaching (4th overall)

Coming back to my high school to be a part of a program that was so important to me is very special. It is such a blessing as we get to grow in both the sport and in life as a team, learning teamwork, communication, mental toughness, grace, integrity and so much more all while glorifying God with the talents He gave us. Recognizing that these skills will help us not only on the court but off as we continue through life as the body of Christ.

JV Volleyball Schedule

Volleyball Team

Coach: Sarah Schallhorn
Occupational Health Nurse @ Haworth Inc.
1st year coaching (18th overall)

Coaching at Holland Christian has given me the opportunity to share the love of the game and the love of Christ with these players. I’m excited and grateful to be able to instill the love of the game while striving for excellence and guiding them to believe in themselves and each other in all things on and off the court.

Freshmen Volleyball Schedule
Freshmen girls volleyball team smiling at the camera, wearing dark gray uniforms.
Coach Sarah smiling at the camera.

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