High School Girls Volleyball

Volleyball Team

Coach: Laura Bindon
4th year coaching (21st overall)

Volleyball has been a love of mine for many years. But over the years and as I’ve developed as a coach, the combination of training fiercely to compete at the highest levels and building a deeply Christian team atmosphere has become my passion. I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to coach volleyball at Holland Christian, where we will not only commit to excellence on the court but also challenge ourselves and teammates to grow in our personal faith, to lean into the challenges and learn from the triumphs of volleyball, and to listen to where God is calling us to use our gifts.

Junior Varsity
Volleyball Team

Coach: Kylie Leeuw
2nd year coaching (2nd overall)

Coming back to my high school to be a part of a program that was so important to me is very special. It is such a blessing as we get to grow in both the sport and in life as a team, learning teamwork, communication, mental toughness, grace, integrity and so much more all while glorifying God with the talents He gave us. Recognizing that these skills will help us not only on the court but off as we continue through life as the body of Christ.

Volleyball Team

Coach: Jenna VanderLaan
ZCS teacher
1st year coaching (2nd overall)

Through volleyball, I have learned valuable life lessons of self-discipline, teamwork, and determination and have met people and seen places I never could have imagined. I now coach to help young athletes discover their God-given abilities that span far beyond the court and remind them that their true worth is found in Christ with a people first, athlete second mentality. At Holland Christian, I appreciate how athletics go deeper by intertwining faith and sport. We will relentlessly pursue development in our sport, but even further in strengthening relationships with each other and with our Father. Because of this, I am thankful for the opportunity to give back to the sport that has given me so much and glorify the One who gave us the ability to play.

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