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Dear Parents-

As we embrace the spirit of gratitude during this season, I am reminded of the words from Philippians 4:6:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

In the bustling halls of our school, let us reflect on the many reasons to be thankful. Our dedicated teachers, supportive parents, and eager students create a community of learning and growth.

This month, our students were blessed to hear Joel Leegwater, who was the main speaker at our Veteran’s Day assembly talk about his experience in the Marine Reserves. His message to our students included how his education at HC helped prepare him for things when he served in Iraq. He also explained how freedom isn’t free.

We also had our students that went to South Africa talk about their takeaways from the trip in two different chapels. I was amazed by how the trip impacted each student differently.

  • Annika shared about how we have idols with one of them being comfort. Comfort becomes an idol when we put comfort ahead of our relationship with God.
  • Clare shared about how when we worship we should focus on God and not the people around us. Both Clare and Nora shared about how we need to be bold with our faith.
  • Nora said we need to be “spilling our guts out about God.” Nora also let us know we need to humble ourselves and ask God how to see him in the people around us rather than to judge other people.
  • Roger shared that we need to have joy like a child. We should always be grateful for what we have.
  • Will shared about how God spoke to him and he needed to be salt and light. God told him to act so others see God in him.
  • Kenny shared that she needs to trust in God and that when we trust in God he will guide us.
  • Becca shared that we need to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The Lord fills us with joy when we do that. She also talked about how the fog on our hike at Elsie’s Peak taught her to not worry about the future.
  • Ellery shared how God has given us our gifts for a reason. A lady who wrote to her about the trip told her it was time and when we were preparing food for the people at Jim se Bos Ellery was able to use the gifts God gave her.

As partners in your child’s education, I encourage you to take a moment to express gratitude. Whether it’s a note of appreciation to a teacher or a simple acknowledgment of your child’s efforts, these gestures contribute to the culture of thankfulness we aim to foster.

May the spirit of thanksgiving continue to guide us in creating a school where we continue to strive to equip minds and nurture hearts to transform the world for Christ.

Wishing you a blessed and joy-filled month ahead.

Tom Strikwerda


December at HCMS


Recess Attire:

During the snowy, cold days of December-March, please supply your middle schoolers with the proper clothing as we will keep going outside for our 15-20 minute breaks, even if the tundra is frozen. It’s wise to label coats, hats, and mittens, as things may get lost.


Thank you for contributing to our “Food Fight” food drive for Community Action House. Together, we collected 979 items that will be distributed to those in need in our community. Thank you for your servant hearts and generosity to this important cause!

Ski Club:

Ski Club kicks off on December 15! Please be sure to have your student sign up the Monday before each trip, and bring money for the admission, bus fee, etc. Checks can be made to Holland Christian Schools. Ski Club will run as often as possible, weather permitting. Mark your calendars for the following Ski Club dates: December 15, January 9 and 26, February 9 and 16, and March 8.

Christmas Concerts:

You are cordially invited to our Choir and Band & Orchestra Concerts! See details below:

Band/Orchestra Concert:

The HCMS Band & Orchestra Christmas Concerts are on Monday, December 4 in the HCHS Auditorium. The 6th grade orchestra, 6th grade band, and 7th grade orchestra are performing at 6pm, and the 8th grade orchestra and 7th/8th grade band are performing at 7:30pm.  We will be wearing our maroon polos, plus the pants indicated by the groups’ directors. If the new band shoes arrive by concert time, the band students will wear them as part of their performing concert dress. Parents, please watch for a concert information sheet that will come out next week with call times and more detailed information.

4th and 5th grade instrumental groups are performing in Christmas chapels in their own buildings. Parents of those students should watch for information sheets to come home soon!

Choir Concert:

The HCMS Christmas Choir Concert is Thursday, December 7 at 7pm at the HCHS Auditorium. The grade level choirs for 6th, 7th, and 8th will be performing as well as our Spotlight Choir. Per the course overview from the beginning of the year, all choir students should wear the school-provided polo with black slacks or skirt (knee length or longer) and black socks/shoes (dark shoes acceptable). Spotlight Choir students will wear the dress/vest/pants black shoes, and won’t need their polo. If boys have “Grinch” related items to wear they can bring them to wear with or over their polo for that song. If girls have “Frozen” related items, they can also wear them with or over their polo for “Let It Go.” Parents, please watch for a concert information sheet that will come out next week with call times and more detailed information.

Champs Coupon Sales:

CHAMPS Coupon books are for sale in the middle school office! These sales provide excellent savings to our favorite local places! You are welcome to buy a coupon book from our office. Students who sell paper coupon books will receive 10% of the sale ($3 for each book sold). Students will collect money and bring it to the office, and we will send coupon books home to distribute. Let the office know if you have any questions!

From the Parent Board:

We love our Middle School teachers and staff and want to shower them with gifts of appreciation during the Christmas season. Would you like to join us? We plan to present each teacher and staff member with a gift on behalf of all of our Middle School families. The Parent Team will create the care packages that will bless our teachers and staff. We will be taking donations until December 8. Thanks for helping us show our appreciation and bless our Middle School family at Christmas time!

How to donate:

  • Cash donations: We will have a Christmas chest in the MS office to collect donations.
  • Stay tuned for a QR code in the daily announcements if you’d like to make digital payments.

We are also looking for volunteers to help with the staff Christmas Luncheon on December 15. Please sign up below if you’re willing to help!


Upcoming Events


  • 4: HCMS Band & Orchestra Concert
  • 7: HCMS Choir Concert
  • 25: Beginning of Christmas Break


  • 8: School resumes
  • 15: No school: MLK Jr. Day
  • 19: End of Q2/S1