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Welcome back, families, to Pine Ridge! There is an air of excitement each morning and the hallways are full of eagar, smiling faces, lively chatter and laughter. Thank you for making the start of the year great! We had our very first chapel and it was AMAZING, with songs and words that echo the words of “Faith like a child.” As we live out this year together I pray that all our activities would be centered around our highest priority, Jesus. That he would help us all to live our lives with childlike faith. Thank you for your partnership this year. Happy 23-24 school year!

Mrs. Dinah Pereira
Principal, Pine Ridge


Morning Drop-Off

Please remember the Pine Ridge doors do not open until 7:45am. Students may enter the building after 7:45am, put their things in their locker, and head to the playground until the bell rings.

Pine Ridge Carpool Line

As we look to start the new school year it is a good time to introduce our parking lot procedures to our new families, and remind our current families of the procedures!

To drop off, please use the entrance off of Graafschap Road. Go around the entire circle, (stopping in the circle will impede bus traffic and is a fire hazard!) and pull ALL THE WAY up to the bike racks.

To pick up, also use the entrance off of Graafschap Road. Please turn on your hazard lights to let us know you do not have your child; as soon as your child is in the car, please turn them off. Go around the entire circle and join a line that will form along the sidewalk and park. If the lines are full please stop at the dumpsters and DO NOT park in the circle. This is a bus and fire lane that needs to be clear at all times. The lines begin by the bike racks; please pull all the way up! Two parallel lines facing north (away from school) and one facing south (towards 40th Street) stopping at the dumpster are used for pickup. For the safety of the students, please stay parked until the teacher permits you to leave. Students are weaving in and out of cars to fill all three lanes; staying parked until you are dismissed will help keep everyone safe!

Office Contact Information

If you need to get in touch with the office, please email Cara Karasiewicz & Kristi Washburn at or call 616.820.3505. Feel free to leave a voicemail or send us an email at any time to excuse your student, let us know about appointments or any changes to your student’s normal pickup routine. It is important the office knows as well as your student’s teacher! Also, when excusing for illness please let us know the symptoms of your child. We need this information to report to the health department.

Health Appraisal

If your student is scheduled for their well visit this month, please remember to bring in their updated health appraisal to the office!

Medications at School

A reminder that ALL medication both prescription (including inhalers!) and over-the-counter need to be checked in to the office. Students are able to carry their own inhalers but must have an asthma plan on file in the office. If you have any questions, please email us!

Picture Day

Pine Ridge picture day will be on September 21. Picture forms will be sent home soon. Please return these forms as quickly as possible to school so we have them all ready to go on picture day. If your student would like a yearbook, they need to be ordered on this form even if you do not wish to order photos.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents’ Day at Pine Ridge will be October 12. More details to follow!


PowerSchool is our student information database. You will want to bookmark this site! There is also an app available for PowerSchool for your phone which can be very helpful. PowerSchool parent information, including passwords and usernames, will be e-mailed to parents at the beginning of the year or provided to you upon enrollment if you enroll mid-year. If there is a change in your phone number or address at any time during the school year, it is important that we are informed right away. Please email us any changes that need to be made or if you have any questions.

Food Services

Per state law, all private schools are not included in the “Free Meals for All” program that you may have heard about in the news. Families may still apply for lunch benefits on the Holland Christian Family Portal.  If you do NOT have a family portal account set up, you will need your student’s ID number (available in Power School). Feel free to email the office for that number if you can’t find it. There is no fee to deposit money into your child’s account with a debit or credit card.

Elementary Handbook

The Elementary Handbook is a great resource for parents providing important details on things like our curriculum, discipline policy, etc.

Important Website Links



  • 1-4: No school: Labor Day
  • 5: School resumes
  • 21: School pictures
  • 27: Walkathon


  • 12: Grandparents’ Day
  • 16: Parent-teacher Conferences 4-8pm
  • 18: Half day; Parent-teacher Conferences noon-4pm
  • 19-20: No School: CEA Convention
  • 30-Nov 1: Hearing & vision testing