We chose Holland Christian Schools for several reasons: Our kids had been at a different school starting in kindergarten after attending preschool at Holland Christian. However, school was a struggle in many ways. So we started to explore the option of Holland Christian again because we wanted a community that was going to support our family, our family values, and encourage our children to grow and flourish. We obviously knew it would be hard to switch our kids after they had been at a different school for a few years, that it would be hard to make new friends and learn new rhythms, but it was a relief after the first day to see smiles. The first weeks were transitional but we could see such dramatic changes in our kids at home. We went from having very stressed, overwhelmed kids to kids who enjoyed school and were calm and passionate about it.

Holland Christian welcomed us in so many ways. I have appreciated the way each teacher has come alongside us in the process of bringing our kids to HC. They have been so supportive and understanding. The communication has been wonderful; to know when your kiddo is having a rough morning and to receive a text saying they’ve settled in and are doing great is so reassuring.

We have seen our children be challenged academically which was a part of our reasons we switched to HC. We’ve also seen them grow in their faith which was very important to us.

I would choose the words “transformative education” to describe Holland Christian. Our kids have been encouraged and strengthened in every way since switching to Holland Christian a year ago. It’s apparent in all aspects of their lives.

When I speak to those considering HC, I tell them to at least check it out. Meet with a teacher, a principal, and staff. You will feel their excitement and love for teaching and love for kids. It’s real and it shows in how they interact with you—and most importantly your children.

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