Our family first connected to Holland Christian Schools when we moved to Holland back in 2013. We have a big family (six children on earth and one in Heaven), and we had our children enrolled at a public school when we learned there was an opening at Rose Park for one of our preschoolers at that time.

So we took him for a visit and met the principal, then Mr. Brandsen, and the kindergarten teacher, Mrs. G, and we knew right away from their warmth, enthusiasm, energy and concern for the hearts, minds and learning opportunities of children that we had found a special place.

Soon after that first meeting, we enrolled our son in preschool, and then a couple of days later our sixth grader transferred over to Rose Park as well.

Within a week we felt a tug on our hearts, so we prayed and sought God’s heart for His direction and financial provision needed, and then transferred another daughter to fourth grade at Rose Park, while our oldest son jumped into his freshman year at HCHS even though school had been underway for a couple of weeks.

What we experienced from the very beginning of our time at HCS is that our kids were given a solid foundation in every subject—from math, science, reading, arts, and most importantly, Bible—and how God is woven throughout all aspects of learning.

We have now been part of the HCS community for a decade this year and over these ten years we have had three children graduate from HC and have a couple still in middle and high school. It has been a privilege and gift for our kids to learn under some of the best and brightest in their studies and extra-curriculars, while also becoming more of who God has created each one to be.

The community of staff, teachers, coaches, and students has gone through many challenging situations within the walls of the schools and even the world around as things like a global-pandemic brought necessary changes. But through every high and low, we have seen and been part of a community committed to seeking God’s heart and championing for students and families that help us all navigate life and learning with such care and concern. It is truly a place where those in leadership are wanting everyone to thrive and achieve the highest potential in all aspects of life and learning.

Even when we have had special circumstances with our kids, the teachers and administrators have been so good in navigating them with us, and really pray with and help our students to make the best of their challenges.

Holland Christian is more than just a place for school and gaining an education. We have seen and our kids have experienced a level of love and care that goes beyond the classrooms, and teachers have become mentors and even friends post graduation. There are always opportunities for kids to try new things. Our family has been truly blessed through the arts’ programs—specifically music (BOC) and theater, but also robotics and lacrosse.

Holland Christian Schools is a vibrant community of people who feel like an extension of family, with God at the center, and what flows out of that has and continues to be a special part of shaping each of our kids in ways we know honor God and the world around us. It is a unique place and people, and we continue to be grateful for all the wonderful ways Holland Christian impacts our whole family.

Holland Christian is worth any sacrifice we make financially, and we have seen God use the people, knowledge, gifts and hearts to touch our kids in special ways. We pray that God will continue to bless HCS and be magnified and glorified by what goes on in and outside of the buildings and hearts of everyone who is a part of this community. It is not just a group of schools for learning, but clearly is a community that God is moving in and through as He does His special work here on earth. Our family gives Him praise and thanks that we get to be a small part of it.

We are “all in”–because of what He has done and continues to do!

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