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Dear Forest Families,

Thank you for all of your support, prayers, feedback and commitment at the start of this new school year. Together we are grateful for a smooth launch to all that God has in store for us together in 23-24! It is an absolute JOY to have our learning spaces filled with the LIFE your children bring to us! I pray that our relationship continues to be marked in truth, respect, care and love.

Speaking of caring for one another, I have a unique request to share with you as we’re building habits this school year. As a community, we deeply appreciate our teachers and all they do to pour into the lives of our children. It’s a tall task and they each serve so faithfully. The calling of teaching has changed dramatically in the digital era. You, as parents, and I, as their administrator, can access our teachers’ attention around the clock, seven days a week if we so desire. A message or two on the weekends is absolutely expected and manageable. However, a full inbox, particularly on a Sunday, means our dedicated teachers may not be able to celebrate the God-given gift of restoration and rejuvenation on the Sabbath.

My request to you: Could we all commit to messaging our teachers when necessary using the “schedule send” feature when we’re thinking of something in the off hours? If we all limit our communication to their working day utilizing schedule send we’ll be able, together, to allow teachers to enjoy tech-free moments in the evenings and particularly on Sundays. If and when you have an imminent need on a particular topic, would you please message me at I will help as I am able and then, together, we’ll connect with our teacher at the appropriate time.

All joy and thanksgiving,




You are invited! On Wednesday, August 30 at 9am our entire HC community will come together for a time of praise and worship as well as learning a bit more about how Faith Like A Child can guide our faith walk. We will convene at the football stadium and there is MORE than enough room for you to join! If you’re able, we’d love to see you there!

Food Services

Family portal lunch accounts are ready to deposit into! If you do NOT have a family portal account set up, you will need your student’s ID number. This information can be found on Power School; if you need any help, please email the office.

Enrollment/Medical Paperwork 23-24

Just a reminder: If you contacted the office and let us know that your student is/was scheduled for a well-child visit this month, please bring in or email the updated health appraisal as soon as you can. If you have any questions, please email us!

Parent Information Nights

Thank you so much to each one of you who came to our parent nights! We loved getting to meet you and share a bit about why we love Forest School!

Before & After School Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures

We ask that you adhere to the following traffic policies for drop-off and pick-up as specified. We appreciate your cooperation and doing your part to keep our children entering and exiting school safely each day!

Pine Ridge Carpool Info for 2nd Grade:

To drop off, please use the entrance off of Graafschap Road. Go around the entire circle, (stopping in the circle will impede bus traffic and is a fire hazard!) and pull ALL THE WAY up to the bike racks.

To pick up, also use the entrance off of Graafschap Road. Please turn on your hazard lights to let us know you do not have your child; as soon as your child is in the car, please turn them off. Go around the entire circle and join a line that will form along the sidewalk and park. If the lines are full please stop at the dumpsters and DO NOT park in the circle. This is a bus and fire lane that needs to be clear at all times. The lines begin by the bike racks; please pull all the way up! Two parallel lines facing north (away from school) and one facing south (towards 40th Street) stopping at the dumpster are used for pickup. For the safety of the students, please stay parked until the teacher permits you to leave. Students are weaving in and out of cars to fill all three lanes; staying parked until you are dismissed will help keep everyone safe!

Picture Day

For those of you planning ahead, Forest School’s K & 1 picture day is September 7. Order forms are on their way home! If you are ordering a yearbook this will be the time to do that also. Second Grade Forest Kids’ school pictures will be taken on September 21 at Pine Ridge. Forms will be coming soon.

Medication at School

If your child needs to take medication at school, we need an updated form signed by their physician each school year. If you have not done this yet, please do so asap. The medication forms can be found on the Medical Information and Forms Page for your convenience. You are welcome to contact our school nurse, Hendrina Cupery ( She will help you set up a plan for the office to assist in administering the medication. For safety reasons, Holland Christian Schools is not able to dispense any medication (prescription or non-prescription) to our students without a doctor’s order. Thank you!


Please call the school office at 616.820.3505 or email us any time before 8:30am to let us know each day your child will be absent. You may leave a voicemail any time and it will be checked in the morning when the office opens. If your child is ill, please also include their symptoms (fever, vomiting, cough, etc.).


Busing is available for some students needing transportation to and from Forest School or Pine Ridge. For complete busing details and to register, please visit our Transportation page.

Student Safety

After the school day is underway, all doors will be locked. All students who arrive late for school must stop in the school office. Parents are asked to sign children in and out at the school office if they are coming or going any time within the normal school hours.


PowerSchool is our student information database. You will want to bookmark this site! There is also an app available for PowerSchool for your phone which can be very helpful. If there is a change in your phone number or address any time during the school year, it is important that we are informed right away. Parents can update their information on PowerSchool directly on the Demographics Change tab. This assures up-to-date contact information for your child.

You must update your demographic information in PowerSchool each fall with your latest and most accurate contact information. Simply log in, then either an “update demographic screen” will automatically pop up, or simply click the “change demographics” button on the left of the screen. This information is necessary for field trip participation, emergency response and treatment, student photo permission, and for the office to easily be able to contact a parent or guardian as needed or desired. When listing your child’s emergency contacts, please be sure to list two contacts other than yourself.

Elementary Handbook

The Elementary Handbook is a great resource for parents providing important details on things like our curriculum, discipline policy, etc.

Moms in Prayer

Moms In Prayer is a great way to connect with other moms, pray for your child, and have an impact on our school. Please join us on Fridays starting September 8 at Providence Church 8:20-9:20am. Contact Nicole Shook with questions at

Important Website Links

Upcoming Dates:


  • 1: No school
  • 4: No school Labor Day
  • 7: K & 1st picture day
  • 21: 2nd grade picture day
  • 27: Walkathon


  • 16: Parent-Teacher Conferences 4pm-8pm
  • 18: Half day of school: Afternoon parent-teacher conferences
  • 19-20: CEA Convention: No school

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