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Thank you for partnering with us this year at South Side and sharing your amazing children with us. I have loved interacting with them, seeing their joy as they learned new things or their determination as they tried hard things. I have enjoyed being their principal this year and am already excited for next year. I pray God’s blessing over your summer as you make memories as a family. We can’t wait to hear all the stories when kids are back at school in the fall.

Christy Haig


End of the Year Chapel

Save the date! We will have a special end of the year chapel to send off our 2nd graders on the last day of school, Wednesday, June 5. Feel free to gather with us from 10:30-11:15am for a time of worship together. We’ll be out on the playground, so bring a lawn chair if you’d like (if there’s rain we’ll move it to the gym). After chapel, preschool students will be dismissed, and K-2 students will have a quick 15 minutes to close out the year in the classrooms with their teacher, and their dismissal will follow at 11:30am.

Medication Pickup

If your child has medication at school, an email will be coming to you regarding pick up, since medication is not stored at school through the summer. All forms for bringing/administering medication at school are available on the Forms and Medications page, and they need to be filled out by your doctor at the beginning of each school year.

24-25 Enrollment & Medical Paperwork

All students entering preschool, kindergarten, and new transfers need to fill out and turn in a variety of paperwork by August 8, 2024:

Please be sure your child entering these grades is up to date on all immunizations, and if you are pursuing an immunization waiver through your county health department, please call them for an appointment ASAP as appointments fill up quickly, and it needs to be done before attending the first day of school.

Waiver Information:

If your child is a new student coming to HC from a different school district, your old waiver is invalid and you will need to schedule an appointment. If your child with a waiver is returning to Holland Christian for the  24-25 school year and moving from:

  • 3s preschool to 4s preschool: The current waiver on file is good unless you have chosen to complete a vaccine series during the year that was waived on the waiver.
  • 3s/4s preschool to Young 5s: New waiver needed; please schedule an appointment
  • 4s preschool to kindergarten: New waiver needed; schedule an appointment ASAP at your county health department.
  • Young 5s to Kindergarten: Current waiver on file is good unless you have chosen to complete a vaccine series during the year that was waived on the waiver

Contact Rachel in the school office if you have any questions 616.820.3535.

South Side Office Hours

  • June 6: The office will be closed in the morning due to an off-site meeting
  • June 7-13: The office will be open from 9am-3pm to assist parents.
  • August 5: The office will reopen daily from 9am-3pm, and then resume regular office hours when school begins. There will be a few dates TBD for beginning of the school year all-staff off-site meetings, and those dates will be posted on the door once they become available.

Class Lists

The 24-25 class lists will be available via email in early July.

School Supply Lists

If you would like to access preschool through second grade school supply lists for the 24-25 school year, you can find them on our South Side Christian website.

Let’s all keep reading this summer!

Thank you for partnering with us this past school year and celebrating the end of this year with us! One of your celebrations might be how your child(ren) grew as a confident reader this past year. Each of our educational campuses, including South Side, have made a concentrated effort to grow the mechanics of reading as well as each child’s love for reading. Unfortunately, there is an alarming amount of research that shows how much students might slide backward during the summer vacation. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy remedy to keep your child flourishing in reading by having your child read at least six “just right” books over the summer. This “6 to Make It Stick flier” will give you information on how to find a just right book using the “Five-finger Rule.”

Lost & Found

The office is continuing to update our South Side Lost and Found Album as items come into the gray tub in the office. Please check it out to see if any of these items belong to your child. Email Rachel Steen, to claim your item(s), and we will be sure to get it into your child’s backpack. All reamining items will be donated to Ditto after our final day of school on Wednesday, June 5.

Important Website Links



  • 5: Last day of school: 2nd grade sendoff chapel 10:25-11:15am, preschool dismissal at 11:15am, K-2nd dismissal at 11:30am
  • 6: Office closed in the morning for an off-site meeting
  • 7-13: Office open 9am-3pm


  • 5: Office opens daily from 9am-3pm
  • 8: All preschool, Young 5’s, and kindergarten paperwork is due via email/mail/drop-off to the office
  • 13: Preschool meet the teacher night for 3’s and 4’s (parents only)
  • 15: South Side Ice Cream Social for preschool-2nd grade 5:30-6:30pm
  • 20: First day of school for preschool-12th grade, full day
  • 21: Parent information night (Young Fives-2nd grade, parents only) at 6:30pm- tentative
  • 30: No school


  • 2: No school: Labor Day